Perfect Pad's Plum Carpet Media Launch

Got this invite about 3 weeks prior to the event, and the email said that it's gonna be a plum carpet media launch. When we got there, wow! Super bongga! Perfect Pads' really knows how to throw a plum carpet media launch party at 3pm! :) It was held at Wackwack Golf and Country Club.

Quanta Paper Corporation’s General Manager, Mr. Steven Leung giving a keynote speech of The Perfect Reveal

Brand Manager, Ms. Beverly Cardino

In line with Perfect Pads' efforts to reach out to every Filipina and give her a Perfect day everyday by providing premium quality, affordable feminine pads, we are launching the brand's newest ambassadress who will serve as an inspiration to all young Filipinas out there and always have a worry-free red day, Ms. Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

For Australian-Filipina actress/ endorser Jasmine Curtis-Smith, stepping out of her sister’s shadow was definitely a big challenge. And now that opportunities are starting to pour, she is set to prove to everyone that it is her individuality and talent that will tell her apart from her superstar sister.

Jasmine is exquisitely beautiful, bordering to looking perfect, and that’s a given. The pretty face paired up with a good character is the ideal formula for a potential showbiz celebrity.  No wonder her endorsements come left and right, but for the young Jasmine, choosing what merchandise to endorse goes beyond any monetary value that the project offers. “I do not want to just recommend a product for the sake of recommending it. I’ve got to have some sort of trust and confidence in the brand that I am endorsing. A real brand ambassadress as you may want to call it,” explains Jasmine.

So, the big question is, why a feminine pad? “I feel like it’s my moral obligation to my fellow Filipinas to introduce them to something that can help them during their red days and that is Perfect Pads,” answers Jasmine. Menstruation is natural to all women but it can get really uncomfortable at times, not to mention the “hassles” it brings that can affect your entire day at work or at school. “With Perfect Pads, every Filipina can have a Perfect day, every day!” Jasmine added.

“I’d like to thank Perfect Pads for choosing me to be their new ambassadress and I’m really, really looking forward to all of our projects which will allow us to touch more lives and influence the youth today as we will soon be embarking on an advocacy campaign for them” exclaims Jasmine. 

So what's so perfect about Perfect Pads?
- Perfect absorbency and length
- Perfect comfort and protection

It is extra thin and extra comfortable liner with extra absorbent and extra long mini pad that keeps you feeling fresh all day.

They have 3 kinds of Perfect Cottony Soft and Dry. The night use overnight pad, day use with wings and day use non-wing. These perfect soft and fit feminine pads provide superior features to help women have a worry-free Perfect day during these times.

The Perfect Soft 'n Fit feminine pads provide superior features to help women have a worry-free Perfect day during red days. They're 3D absorbent, have a soft and side protection that positioned at the side contours to prevent leakage. It has perforated ultra soft cottony top sheet that use top quality soft and comfortable even to the most sensitive skin, while perforations offer fast absorption and keeps you feeling dry. The Perfect Soft 'n Fit heavy flow all night pads have wider back surface to give you a worry free Perfect sleep.

Perfect Pads' are now available in the market. Thank you Perfect Pads' for having me and congratulations on the new endorsement!

Have a Perfect Day with Perfect Pads'!

Sam Concepcion for Chef's Noodle Media Launch

A week ago, I was invited to attend the contract signing of Sam Concepcion as the newest celebrity endorser of Chef's Noodle held at their Robinson's Magnolia branch.

Chef's Noodle is the latest Korean Restaurant that offers wide array of mouth watering food delicious food.

Chef's Noodle was filled with so many bloggers and media friends all eager to witness Sam Concepcion's publicly joining  the roster of celebrity endorsers of Chef's Noodle and one of the most in-demand teen actors today. Sam exudes a fresh and youthful vibe that is characteristic of Chef's Noodle. The first international master franchise of the Chef's Noodle brand from South Korea, the restaurant is fast becoming a diner's haven for those who want a taste of the land of K-Pop and kimchi and more.

“Sam’s cool and casual personality as well as his vibrant energy perfectly capture the brand. As a fairly new player in the food industry here in the Philippines, Chef’s Noodle is indeed a rising star—just like our new endorser Sam,” says Nancy Go, Chef’s Noodle operations manager. “We promise to always delight our customers with our signature dishes and new offerings. Chef’s Noodle will always remain to be the Korean fast food restaurant that Filipinos learned to love.”

“My friends and I love to hang out and try different kinds of food. I especially love Chef’s Noodle because you get to enjoy a delicious meal at an affordable price. It’s a cool combination of a fast food meal and a fine dine setting. The interiors of the restaurant are as inviting as the appetizing menu. I can’t wait to invite my friends to try Chef’s Noodle and love it the same way I did.”

Do you love Korean food?  Sam of course loves Korean food, especially noodles!  Me?  I love noodles as well, especially spicy noodles.  :) Isn't it great that Chef's Noodles offers a wide array of mouth-watering food choice. Chef’s Noodle boasts of dishes especially crafted by no less than award-winning Korean celebrity chef Choi In Sun.

Among the must-try menu items when one visits the restaurant are Chef’s Noodles, Starking Fire Sushi, Bibimbap, Japchae, Haemul Seafood Pajun (Korean pancake with shrimp and squid, spring onions and bell pepper), Leek Shrimp Twigim, Chicken Kas (breaded chicken fillet with white creamy sauce), Spicy Dukbokki, and well-loved desserts such as ice cream and gelato. 

Ootd's! Enjoyed my Chef's Noodle experience because of these ladies! :)

I can't wait to bring my family to Chef's Noodle to try out their menu and enjoy the cozy and comfy atmosphere there. Here is the list of Chef's Noodle branches:

1. University Mall (4050129)
2. Atlanta Center (5765054)
3. Robinsons Magnolia (6567033)
4. SM North EDSA The Block (3765367)
5. Robinsons Place Malolos (0917-5486187)

And soon to open: SM Megamall!  :)

For more information, check out Chef’s Noodle’s website, and its Facebook account for more details.

Baby World. Quality and Affordable Baby Products

When I found out that I'm going to have Sofi 7 years ago, aside from being excited to be a 1st time mommy, I was also excited to shop for my baby. But of course, I was also advised not to buy too much, only buy stuff that are non-toxic, bpa free, etc. I came across of Baby World when we were at Landmark. And I remembered I bought their milk container, bottle brush and pacifier. Until now, buhay pa yung milk container ko. :) 

So when I was invited to attend the Baby World event a few weeks ago, no doubt that Baby World brand will still be included when I have another baby again(crossing my fingers that it will be soon! hehe!). They're still affordable yet safe, without compromising the quality. And Baby World has to much to offer for our babies!

Here are some of their products:

Baby Cushion Potty Seat – Made with soft padded, hygienic PVC, it is ideal for baby toilet training. It is easy to use as it can be placed directly onto the existing toilet seat. It is also easy to clean as it can be wiped with a damp cloth after use or with a mild soap for stains. Fits the budget at P329.75 & P489.75 for potty seat with handle support.

Disposable Multi-Purpose Change Mats –Ideal product for mothers, safe to use for babies at home or on the go. It has an extra absorbent layer, leak proof liner & water-resistant backing that can be used to keep babies safe from unclean surfaces.

Every pack of 4 multi-Purpose Change Mats costs only P69.75.

Disposable Nursing Pads – It has an ultra-thin but super absorbent contour for a natural fit that will not show under clothing. The soft, star-dry lining draws milk away from the skin and into the core pad where it is absorbed by a special polymer to prevent leakage. It also has two non-slip adhesive tapes so that the pad stays in place. This is the only polymer style breast pad that keeps it’s shape when wet.

It comes in boxes of 12’s at P99.75, 24’s at P189.75 & 36’s at P269.75

Cot Sheet – Biodegradable, it is made from 100% superior quality natural latex rubber. It is specially designed with air bubbles to help circulate air flow. Made ultra durable by double-laying, it can act as an insulation sheet to keep baby warm at night or as a cushion for baby to lie on comfortably during nappy change.

Available in 3 different sizes with the suggested retail price of P249.75 (22” X 15.5”) , P289.75 (24” x 16.5”) & P439.75 (35.5” x 23.5”).

Disposable Nappy Liners –Convenient and easy to use, it is designed to capture poo in the diaper for easy disposal and cleaning. It prevents wetness from touching baby’s sensitive skin. This is what every mother should have when on the go or even at home.

Every pack of 30 liners cost only P69.75.

Peristaltic Nipple – Ideal for babies that are breastfed because it’s naturally-shaped. These silicone nipples have a squeezable, skin-like texture and have teething nubs for tender gums. It also has innovative non-leaking anti-colic vents. Wider nipple based to prevent baby’s lips from reaching the bottle cap during suction. Minimize the confusion of babies from breast to bottle feeding. The nipples are also designed for easy cleaning as it can be safely cleaned in a microwave, sterilizer, dishwasher and boiling water. Made from 100% safe materials as it is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.

Every pack of 2 costs only P89.75.

Disposable Bib – Another product for mothers on the go to prevent baby’s clothing from getting stained while eating. It has a water-resistant backing, soft and absorbent, no ties or hooks and convenient. All you have to do is dispose after use.

Every pack of 6 costs only P69.75 & in a travel box of 20 at P249.75.

My complete set of Baby World products! Thank you so much! Baby na lang kulang ko. Haha! :P

For 20 years a local company, Hilton International Philippines, had been providing a complete line of baby products that is both of excellent quality yet very affordable. Hilton International Philippines started in 1993, and since has continued to provide the best of products for your babies needs.

Under the registered brand name of "Baby World”, its products are available in all leading department stores, supermarkets & other retail shops nationwide. Presently, Baby World always sees to it that it is updated with regards to new trends in baby products. Its mission is to offer the best lifestyle but at budget friendly rates.

Now, there is no need to spend so much on baby products. Just choose Baby World. The world of wellness brought about by good quality yet affordable products for mothers and babies!

Thank you so much Baby World for having me! :)

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