San Marino #WhatsNewWhatsNext For Daniel Matsunaga

 I had a great time when I attended the San Marino What's New What's Next Fair held at Mercato Central. It was a day full of fun, exciting activities like wall climbing, trapezing, rappelling. It was also the launch of San Marino Tuna Flakes with fit & fab celebrities like young basketball superstars Jeric and Jeron Teng, Dela Salle Archers’ Big Man Arnold van Opstal and lady spiker Mika Reyes, hunks Marc Nelson and Victor Basa, actress-models Phoemela Baranda and Bubbles Paraiso, showbiz reporters Ginger Conejero and Divine Lee, showbiz daughter Dani Barretto, and hosts Nikko Ramos and Katz Salao.

Cord blood, gives new hope for Leukemia

A video of a mother from Quebec fighting against leukemia recently went viral in YouTube. Her desperate plea – to find a compatible umbilical cord donor, the only hope for her second battle against leukemia. Mai Duong, a 34-year-old Vietnamese-Canadian mother is among the many patients diagnosed of cancer every four minutes. Leukemia - cancer of the body’s tissues that are responsible for forming blood including bone marrow and lymphatic system is among the top eight common cancers in the Philippines. 

In 2005, the Philippine Cancer Society recorded 4,202 new cases, 2,243 of which is among males with 3.9 percent incidence rate while 1,959 cases were recorded among females with an incidence rate of 3.6 percent. With an average 5-year survival rate of only 25 percent, an estimated 3,498 deaths are expected with 1,863 in men and 1,635 among women. Normally, the body produces and grows the white blood cells in an orderly way. But for people with leukemia, their bone marrow produces white blood cells that are abnormal either in number or function. The symptoms of the disease varies from fever or chills, persistent fatigue and weakness, frequent or severe infections, unexpected weight loss, swelling of lymph nodes, bruising or bleeding easily, frequently recurring nosebleeds, visible red spots, bone pain or tenderness and excessive sweating at night. 


Fundosenang Sarap, Fundosenang Saya with Hansel Cracker Catchin

I was invited to attend the Hansel Cracker Catchin held at Market Market were they also announced the grand prize winner of the ‪#‎CrackerCatchin‬ video competition where weekly winners brought home 5000 pesos and a Gift pack, and from the weekly winners. The grand prize winner took home Php25,000! Before announcing the winner, we were surprised with the Hansel Cracker Catchers flash mob.  


Sony Channel presents Madam Secretary

Another exciting political drama will premier tonight at Sony Channel. Madam Secretary stars Tea Leoni as the shrewd, determined, and brilliant former CIA analyst now working as a college professor. However, after a controversy that involves a plane crash, McCord returns to public service at the request of her old friend, and the current President of the United States (Keith Carradine). 

PH envisioned to lead ASEAN in developing standards for the gifted

A Philippine organization is posed to spearhead the establishment of an (ASEAN) Association for Giftedness to leverage economic growth through human capital development.

Non-profit group Philippine Center for Gifted Education Inc. (PCGE), led by Dr. Leticia Ho, is working towards creating standards for ASEAN member countries to ensure robust criteria for identification, development and nurturing of gifted children.

“While the ASEAN integration aims to unite the ten member countries into one economic, multi-cultural community, development of its human capital is definitely a vital component,” says Dr. Ho.


Sony Channel presents How To Get Away With Murder

If you love watching courtroom, legal drama as much as I do, this one's for you! Sony Channel will premier the highly anticipated, tv courtroom drama, How To Get Away With Murder. It is created and executive-produced by Pete Nowalk, Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers of award winning programs such as Scandal and Grey's Anatomy and Bill D'Elia of Grey's Anatomy and The West Wing.

And last night, I was invited to watch the first 2 episodes at the Sony Channel Blue Carpet Screening of How To Get Away With Murder held at Century City Mall. And just by watching the 2 episodes, I was instantly hooked with each character. I so love the twists, mind boggling, flashback story of each episode. Really can't wait for its premier tonight at Sony Channel, 9:05PM to get the story rolling. It.Is.That.Good.

Get your Hoodie for free at 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is one of my fave convenience store! When you don't have time to visit malls or stores, 7-Eleven is always the saving grace especially for people on the go. It's convenient, practical (saves gas/transpo), saves time. I'm so happy that there's always a 7-Eleven near me. 

7-Eleven is the leading convenience store brand in the Philippines with more than 1,100 stores to date. For the past 2 years, 7-Eleven’s Personal Care category has consistently been among the fastest growing categories in our stores. This is because they have the widest range of health and beauty brands versus all other convenience stores as well as exciting promotions that are specially designed for their target customers.

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