Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Year, New Blog

Last January 1, we went to Boni High Street. We decided to go there so my daughter who is 4 years old can ride her bike. We wanted fresh air for New Year, since the night before the air was so polluted because of firecrackers. lol! 

my princess with her princess bike and crown... cutie pie!

then we ate at Mary Grace. I was craving for Conti's sana but they were closed. Oks lang din kasi we want their brownies naman. We all ordered 3 different pastas. They were so yummy but small in serving. Then we ordered cheesecake and chocolate mousse as dessert. Super delish! i think we gained 5 pounds after that, haha!

   very nice interior -lavet! 

dreams are windows to the world! very true indeed! :)

carbonara....or what is left of it, hehe

my sister with my princess

top: online l bag: gift l shoes: red parisian

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