Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nail It! Greenhills Grand Opening

I went to the grand opening of Nail It! Greenhills branch last Saturday. I was thrilled when I received an invite from Jarris who I met for the first time (thank you for inviting me by the way! :)). I invited my friends to tag along with and had our nails pampered. It was awesome! My much awaited "me" time was finally here. The event started with ribbon cutting, blessing of the priest and of course, the thing we all love..chow time. :) I was able to meet some bloggers too (hello Hazel & Aya!).

When we got there, a lot of people were already having their nails done & I had to wait a while for my turn. But the wait was all worth it. Their service was good and it had a purple-y ambiance. The people that work there were nice. They were approachable and I would just like to say this.. The way they handled my feet? Awesome!!! It didn't hurt at all!!! And that's exactly Nail It's trademark according to the owner Ms. Jean Uvero. For the first time nag mukhang paa yung paa ko-hahaha! :) So, I will definitely visit Nail It! again.

with Hazel & Aya-visit their blogs too! :)
with Rache & Ms. Jean Uvero(owner)
with Jariss

I only had my toenails cleaned & polished. Not bad for a php120 cleaning & an additional php100 for polish. Not bad at all. It is really an affordable luxury! They only used Orly products and I chose "It's up to blue" nail polish. I must say, I like their process of pampering my toes. They put cream after cream, buffed, massage & talagang pumuti ang toenails ko. Too bad I wore closed shoes that day. When I removed my shoes, I found out that a little bit of polish was removed from my 2 big toe nails. Huhu! So sad. :( Oh well. Moral of the story? If you're planning to get a pedi, MUST wear sandals!!

Orly's "It's up to blue" nail polish. The color was very vibrant! Love it!

Orly's nail polish
with Rache, Kai & Tatie
With some friends.. Including my sister. :)

The Goodies!!! ^^ Thanks Nail it! I super like the free nail polish I got!
top: missessentials || skirt: thrifted || shoes: janylin || bag: tomato

Nail It! is located at the 2nd floor of Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills. They offer several services of mani & pedi like, French tip, Nail Art finger and toe nails, etc. If you feel like giving your nails that extra style and oomph, putting on some rhinestones or some artsy unique color will suit you. (Note to self: Do that on the  next appointment ^^). On the other hand, they also offer some stress relief massage. Minimum of php100. Depending on how long you want the massage for. So if you want to find more about their offers and would want to see a branch near you, please click THIS! Thanks again Jariss & Nail It! for inviting us! I enjoyed my "pamper me" day. :)



Aya said...

Love the shade you chose! :D Let's meet up again sometime :)))

Hazel☺ said...

nice meeting you jen! too bad the nail polish on your toes rubbed off :-/

Shopgirl Jen said...

@aya: thanks! love the color you chose too. ginaya ka ng sister ko, haha! onga, let's meet up again. game ako! :)

@hazel: it was nice meeting you too hazel. yeah, i was so bummed when i saw my toenails, huhu! to think ayan na ang pinaka expensive kong naging nail polish, haha