Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clinique Party

I have always wanted to attend the Clinique party since I read them from other bloggers. Somehow, every time there is an invitation I cannot find a slot (only 10 invitees allowed). So, when I found out that Charles would host a Clinique Party, I didn't waste time and signed up. After a few days, I was excited when I received an email from her that I got in. Yay!

Clinique Party was held at Rustans, Makati last June 18 and I went there with Kai. When we got there we were greeted by Charles who look extra pretty that day (walang bola, Charles :D). A lot of beauty bloggers & vloggers were there also. Beauty blogger talaga kasi ang gaganda nila! :) I learned that we will have our individual consultation with Clinique’s beauty consultant & will have our own make over. Na excite ako, haha! Never kasi akong nag pa consult sa face & my last make up session was wedding day ko pa, haha! Super tagal na! While waiting for my turn, I took the opportunity to take photos of some Clinique products.

Something to munch on from BIZU! Yum!

Clinique is one of my favorite brands. I remember everytime there’s a balikbayan box from abroad, Clinique is always one of the pasalubongs. Clinique is allergy tested & 100% Fragrance Free! :)

the very pretty Charles
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When it's my turn, my consultant Ms. Dindin Boncales asked me some questions regarding my face. If I think i'm dry, oily, if I put moisturizers, etc. I thought all this time my face is normal-not too dry nor too oily. But when she put something on my T-zone, Ack! I'm super dry pala! Hala! Then she told me what to put on my face & what my beauty regimen should be. Thanks to Ms. Dindin I'm beginning to take care of my face. After the consultation, my make over began, haha! 

Me without make up. Beauty pa din noh? HAHAHA! :D
with Ms. Dindin
my skin type
these should be included in my daily beauty regimen

Here's my make over result: naging EXTRA BEAUTY!! lol! :D I loved my make up!! :))))

with Ms. Mira of Clinique

Thanks Ms. Dindin for my make over. I loved my make up! Esp. on what you did to my eyes! 
Thank you Charles for inviting us! I feel so EXTRA pretty that day, haha! Ayoko ngang tanggalin ung make up ko, di ba? kung pwde lang, haha! A shoutout to all the beauty bloggers & vloggers I've met that day- Hi to all of you! 

OTD & my loot bag on my next post :)

How about you, what is your beauty regimen? Feel free to share! :)

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Aya said...

I missed this because of my review :( But glad you girls had a nice time! You all looked pretty. And yeah, ang pretty ni Charles :D

Apple said...

wow naman! Striking Jen talaga! I love the make up!

aringkingking said...

I envy you. Late na nung nag email ako, slots were taken na, I want to see pa naman in person Sinai Charles and trinna. Huhu

Michelle said...

I loooove the result and the eyeshadow on you!! Super pretty!

lori said...

yay! fab! nice meeting you at the party! ;)

Trina said...

Super love the under eyes! Super bright and fresh looking :)

Shopgirl Jen said...

@aya: aawww sayang :( i'm sure there'll be next time. hehe thanks!:)

@apple: talagang may codename ako? haha :D see you soon!

@aringkingking: sayang. sana nakapag meet tayo :( pero i'm sure my clinique party pa ulet. hope to meet you :)

@michelle: thanks girl! you looked pretty also w/ or w/out make up :)

@lorena: it was nice to meet you too. see you soon! :)

@trina: i loved my make up too, haha! you looked pretty also sa make over mo. :)))

Kaisensei said...

Loved your eyemakeup jen! :) it was great meeting all you awesome people there at the Clinique Party!


THANKS for this post Miss Striking Jen. :)) I looked extra pretty, on this day lang tlg? haha! Thanks again for coming!