Monday, June 27, 2011

I Heart: Luster by Kolours

Are you one of those people who's afraid to color your hair? I am! HAHA! Experimenting with hair colors is not my thing. Takot talaga ako na baka masira ang hair ko, haha!    

But thanks to blogging, mas eager ako to experiment with fashion & with my looks. Since, I'm on this track, I decided to color my hair using Splash's latest hair products: Luster by Kolours in Pamper Me Brown. I colored my hair with my friend Rache and she used Luster by Kolours in Delight Me Mahogany, (click her name & see what her results look like). What attracted me the most with this product is that, it has no ammonia and applying is easy as A-B-C! I also love the conditioner that went with it-i love the smell!!

Step 1: Remove all the contents from the box. There's a direction on how to use.

Step 2. Pour the color inside the tube bottle provided and put it all over your hair or as desired and leave it for 45 minutes (wearing shower cap is optional).

This is what my hair color look like before coloring, ( I used my daughter here since we're the same color-jet black. I wonder, will she color her hair too in the future? hhhmmmmm... :D).

Here's the result with flash:

Here's the result without flash:

I love it!!! And the good news is, hindi naging dry ang hair ko. Yay!! :)))

Luster by Kolours is the newest product from Splash. Why choose Kolours? Because only Kolours know how to take care of Asian hair. Through the Science of Color and Care for Asian Hair, Kolours' unique formulation deeply penetrates hair cortex to give superior color coverage from root to tip while maintaining hair's natural moisture. Advanced Chroma-Plus Formula in Kolours Shampoo and Conditioner enhances various shades without changing its original color with a unique hydrating system that makes hair soft, manageable and shiny.

There's 3 shades to choose from: Delight Me Mahogany, Adore Me Chestnut & Pamper Me Brown.

photo by Rache :)

Now, I'm excited to color my hair again after a few months or so. A little red, perhaps? I wanna try the Luster by Kolours in Adore me Chestnut! :)

How about you, which shade do you like? 

Luster by Kolours is now available nationwide. 



Anonymous said...

wow black shiny hair! winner!

Michelle said...

How much toh and where did you buy it? :D

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I'm afraid of coloring my hair too. I've heard Etude House Bubble Hair color is good. ;D

Shopgirl Jen said...

@diane: who? my daughter? thanks! :)

@mitch: php385. meron sa watsons & mercury! :) try it! :)

@janinay: try this sis! it's easy to use & no ammonia! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, i dye my hair into black ginamit q po un kolours product un powder dye, kso d q po ngus2han an pagkblack nia d kc bumagay sken, qn gagamitin q po un luster para mgkulay ulet tatalab b un kulay s black? Thanks..

Shopgirl Jen said...

@anonymous: Hi! may i ask lang what's the color of your hair prior to dyeing? baka masyadong strong ung hair color mo before. let your hair rest for 2-3months before you dye it again :)