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Food Trip: at IL Mercanti

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My good friend Genn invited us to IL Mercanti last friday night. I learned from her that IL Mercanti is a new food bazaar located in Metrowalk. I was thrilled with excitement when I entered the place! Can I say WOW to all the food? haha! Good thing I tossed my diet out the window the moment I stepped inside the big tent! :D

 Are you ready to droooooooollllll????

Pizza, anyone? Around php130. Not bad for a stuffed pizza!

Ah! Hot Bibingka with butter and cheese! Feel ko na ang Christmas! :P I want again! Around php50

Corndog is around php 35

  Very affordable Sushi!

Home cooked meals! Perfect for "nagtitipid" na gimik :)

Chicharon!! Who can't resist this? I did! haha! :D

Famous Med Chef is also there!

My sister is a happy girl with her banoffee pie for php55 only!

IL Mercanti has so much to offer! What I like about the place is that it's very clean, spacious, open and you can hang out and feast at all the food! You can hang out with your family too, since drinking alcoholic beverages is not allowed (as far as I know, because I didn't see anyone selling beer). 

The location is very accessible to anyone who commutes & who have cars! They have free parking space also and if you want to save gas and you work in Ortigas area, you can ride a shuttle from Emerald Ave. going to IL Mercanti. There's a taxi line along Metrowalk too. 

Of course, what is gimik night without pictures with friends, right? Some of the girls, I just met for the first time. Tamang eyeball lang since I only interact with them thru twitter haha! I'm so happy to see Gel, Aya  & Genn again. Aside from fashion & beauty, food is also our common factor! haha! :) 

               Tin of http://ohhthat.blogspot.com/
sitting: Me with Sofi
          Genn of http://missgennd.blogspot.com
          Tiffie of http://tiffiefum.blogspot.com
          Aya of http://ayanagrace.blogspot.com
              Kei of http://www.KeiSanPablo.com 
              Gel of http://www.gelleesh.com/
             Angel of http://wonderwomanrises.blogspot.com

Visit these fabulous girls! Say hi to them for me! :)

 Brought my family and some friends with me. With Ms. Connie Sison too (standing with Tin), one of IL Mercanti organizer. 

It's super affordable! They sell pastries, cakes, shawarma, pasta, burger, street food like isaw, bbq, kikiam, fishball, chicken ball, squid ball, etc. (will take a pic next time!)

They are open every Wednesday-Saturday from 7pm to 4am.  They are located at Metrowalk, Ortigas Ave. 

Thank you to Ms. Connie Sison for inviting us! And to Genn as well! :) It was so good that my family went back again last saturday! haha! :) And my hubby can't wait to go back again and again and again! :D

So, what are you waiting for? Go & visit IL Mercanti! I'm sure you'll love it! :)


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