Friday, October 7, 2011

Food Trip: Chatime

Milk Tea!! One of my favorite drink nowadays! I always crave for one. I tried so many milk tea na and when I heard of Chatime,  I want to try it too. Kaso the branch I know e sa SM MOA pa and Makati. That's why when Tin told me that Chatime opened a branch in SM North, dali dali kaming pumunta sa SM North to try it. What is addict? Haha! :)

But, since nasa loob ng mall ang Chatime, they follow mall hours. They were closing na when we went there. :(

So, dahil addict nga sa milk tea, we went again to SM North and hindi na pinalagpas ang pagpunta sa Chatime haha! :D I was looking for something chocolate that Sofi can drink also. I asked the service crew if they have Rock Salt Cheese (alam na, haha!) or something like that. She recommended Chatime Mousse since may same effect daw. I ordered chocolate mousse and the mousse tasted coconut-ish for me. The chocolate was good though. Medyo strong yung pagka chocolate nya. It's not too sweet. And Sofi and my sister loved it! And most of all, it's very inexpensive! Super affordable sya!

Love their interior as well! Pink & purple combination! Parang bahay ni Barbie hehe! I want those pink chairs and their colorful wall! And the service crews wear pink polo shirt too! :)

Sofi is game na game mag pose! It must be the chocolate. It made her hyper haha!

Camera trippin' with Sofi! Sorry medyo dark :| It's too funny not to post haha! :D

Wanna go back there soon! Wanna try their Chatime Roasted Milk Tea and some of their popular milk teas and smoothies! 

Anyway, if you live in the North Area, you may visit Chatime at the 2nd floor of SM North Edsa, near the entrance/exit door beside Crepes and Cream. Monday-Thursday, Sunday 10am-9pm and Friday-Saturday 10am-10pm.

If you have any suggestion for MIlk Teas to try let me know, owkie? Would love to hear from you! :) 

 Don't forget to visit Trendsetter's Bazaar starting today till Sunday at Rockwell Tent! (Read here).

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Happy Weekend loves! :)



Myrted said...

Now you got me craving for milktea Sis Jen! :D I like you and your daughter. Super enjoyed your bonding/kulitan pics. :D

MissGennD said...

Awwww! I can't wait to see Sofi again! Hihihihi! Good thing meron din MIlk tea booth later. I love Bubbatealicious especially their Royal Milk Tea. See yah later babe~ Pasunudin mo na lang si hubby loves mo. =)

Gellie Abogado said...

Sofi is just so adorbs! :)

eji patanao said...

wow, i want to try it, you're right, the interiors are very posh, parang ayoko na umalis haha :) followed you!

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