Friday, December 16, 2011

Food Trip: Hapadog

I first tried Hapadog when my hubby convinced me to try it (he tried it before). Since game naman ako basta kainan-haha, we went to their branch at SM North Skygarden. 

When I first saw the menu, na curious agad ako sa pictures. It's not your typical hotdog sandwich with ketchup, mayo and mustard. I asked Paul (hubby) what he'll recommend and he told me to order the Hapadog sandwich. :)

It looks yummy, right? Para syang gourmet hotdog sandwich. Loveeeet! I love that the bread was toasted enough para crunchy sya and also the hotdog. It has nori too! Feeling ko while I was eating this na parang ang healthy nya :D

It may be a bit pricier for php75 for half of the bread and php155 for one whole bread, but super sulit sya! It's not everyday that you get to eat hotdog sandwich like this.

Of course what's a meal without french fries, right? I personally love their french fries! Medyo salted sya but with the dip masarap na!

Next time I'll order the californippon and hapa-nese nachos. 

So, if you are into trying out different food and have an adventurous palette, why not give Hapadog a try! I'm sure you'll love it as much as I did. Can't wait to go back there again. Better yet, tweet me so we can meet! :)

Plus points for Hapadog? It's near Gongcha! Alam na! haha! :)))

You may visit their Facebook and their Website for more store location.

How about you, have you tried the Hapadog? Feel free to share!

Shopgirl Jen


sugar sugar said...

i'm gonna eat now... :P this has really made me hungry. i cannot stand looking at food pictures anymore. LOL!

tricia alarilla said...

love the pics:) must go there soon! (and since its near gong cha! haha) happy new year!:)

check out our site too with my sisters :)
and maybe we can keep in touch via gfC:)