Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Food Trip: Bubble Tea

We were driving home ng biglang nag crave si hubby ng milk tea (addict much? hehe). Good thing we saw Bubble Tea branch on the way home along San Juan. It was actually my first time at Bubble Tea. Though I've been hearing good things about them never akong nagka chance to try it. At first milk tea lang dapat ang order but when we saw the menu we decided to eat again. haha! :P

The Menu. So many to choose from! :)))

His order: Chicken Lollipop Korokke. Yum!! It's chicken alright but with potatoes inside. So delish!

My order was Chicken Teriyaki. Oh my! Another delish meal! Saraaaaaaaaap lang ng pagka teriyaki nya. And the chicken was super tender. I super like their potato salad too! Awesomesauce!

 Dapat pasta ang order ko or sandwich, pero whenever there is Chicken Teriyaki parang I have to order it eh haha! :D This one really hit the bottom! And for Php175 not bad, right?

Paul tried their Almond Milk Tea and I ordered Chocolate Milk Tea. They became an instant hit to us. Super Saraaaap and its only Php125! Paul even ordered another one to go (hindi nya masyadong favorite ang milk tea haha!)

Their San Juan branch interior is cool too! :)

Nagbibilang ng pearls ang peg. hahaha! :D

Loving this mustache ring from Girlshoppe :) Sorry for the haggard look. D ako prepared for a close up haha! :D

Plus points of Bubble Tea, San Juan branch? May Wifi! haha!! :D Looking at all this pictures makes us wanna go back for the 3rd time. Yep, we went to Bubble Tea, Megamall branch a few days after our visit here (that makes our 2nd time). Can't wait to share what we ordered there hehe! :)

Anyway, have you been to Bubble Tea? Any recommendation/s? Feel free to share loves! :))

Shopgirl Jen


Wonder Woman said...

"Bubble Tea"? Wow. So many milk tea places pala in this country... How will I ever get to try them all? :(

Denise said...

i love bubble tea too mommy jen! :)

Mar said...

Lookds like you had a delicious time, I love bubble tea too! I'm going to try this place out sometime soon, thanks for sharing!

Charlene B. said...

I also love Bubble Tea! ;) Strawberry Milk Tea is nice. :D

Arnie Villanueva said...

We have the same mustache ring!! Lovely, no? ♥ Haven't tried Bubble Tea yet but since you like it, I might asap! :p



Shopgirl Jen said...

@angel: Ikr! haha! Dami ko pang di na try na milk tea. I wanna try Serenitea. :))

@denise: super yummy talaga! :)

@mar: you should! ang bilis pa ng wifi nya hehe! :)

@charlene: Really? Wow, Thanks! Will definitely order that. Fave ni Sofi ang strawberry e. Thanks for the tip! :))

@arnie: Go! Meron sa SM North, The Block. And yes, ang cool ng mustache ring hehe :D

MJC said...

i <3 bubble tea! :)
i always go for their taro milk tea.

Jenine said...

I love bubble tea, my favorites are yakiniku sandwich, beef gyudon and Japanese milk tea. Yum! =)

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