Thursday, January 12, 2012

Food Trip: Crepes and Cream

Would like to share with you one of my favorite sweets (pun intended, hehe) place na lagi namin hina-hang out :)). We discovered this place 2 years ago sa SM Megamall and I'm so happy at nag branch out sila sa Trinoma and SM North Edsa. :)))

Hubby and I are fond of eating crepes. That's why when we (with friends) saw Crepes and Cream sa SM Megamall we decided to try it out. And ever since then lagi ko na syang kine-crave haha! 

Crepes and Cream's Mango Mania is my all time favorite esp. with lots of sliced almond. Yum!! Even though mangoes are seasonal, the vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a dash of chocolate compensate the sourness (sometimes) of mangoes.

They also offer variety of Crepes. From Sweet Crepes, to Savory Crepes, Dream Freeze and Create your own Crepes. It's super affordable too! FTW!! :))

**Crepes and cream is a modern and trendy cafe that serves a wide choice of savory and sweet crepe creations, ranging from Asian to Western flavors. There are over 30 types of crepe creations to choose from– all prepared fresh upon order.

The savory crepe menu includes the Pork floss Chessy Omellette, Smoked Salmon, the classic Mushroom ham with Mozarella, and the Japanese cuisine inspired Kani Mango. There’s also a BLT– bacon, lettuce and tomato- crepe, which is what I ordered since I’m a BLT sandwhich lover. This take on the classic sandwich is a rerfreshing and novel approach which I liked so much.

Vegetarians and weight-watchers need not fret: there’s also something in the menu for you. Like the Veggie Crepe which is made up of sauteed mushroom, fresh lettuce and juicy tomatoes.

Crepes are widely known as desserts, and Crepes & Cream does not disappoint! Their selection of flavors is sure to sate your sweet tooth. Chocolate, fresh fruits and creamy ice cream are wrapped in crepe fro yummy delights like Carribean Cruise, Capuchocco, and Hazelnut Banana Chocolate.

If you are a cheesecake lover, then you’d be happy to know that there are cheesecake flavors on the menu. They have Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry and Oreo Cheesecake crepes. Real cake cubes are folded in with vanilla ice cream and topped with almond flakes.

I love the Crazy for Strawberries crepe. Well, I love anything strawberry so I’m a little biased! This combination of fresh strawberry cubes, strawberry chocolate chips, almond flakes, whipped cream and strawberry sauce really made my sweet tooth happy.

One of the best things they have on offer, I think, is the Create-Your-Own-Crepe option on their menu. It’s perfect if you are undecided on which flavor to have, or would like to make your own creation. You can choose from any of the filling and topping ingredients they have.

So if you are hankering for a crepe fix, be it savory or sweet, give Crepes & Cream a try.

Crepes and Creams branches:
2nd floor, SM North Edsa
4th floor, SM Megamall
4the floor, Trinoma

So, what are you waiting for? Go and try their delectable Crepes! And if you happened to see me in one of their branches don't forget to say Hi! haha! :D

*all pictures from me
**description from their facebook page

Disclaimer: Food Trip of Shopgirl Jen is not sponsored. This is not a food review. It's simply sharing my fondness/love for food :))

Shopgirl Jen


Denise said...

ay nako mother I love Crepes and Cream! Ang delicious ng sweet crepes nila. Haven't tried the savory crepes pa :)

Gellie Abogado said...

I miss pork floss cheesy omellette! use to be a frequent at crepes and cream in rob manila when i was still in college :D

Arnie Villanueva said...

Love Crepes and Cream! First tasted it at TriNoma and I liked it a lot! Date tayo there soon! Along with milk tea and BonChon! HAHAHA FOODTRIP???



Alice said...

nakakagutom! hahaha! :D

Vina Yabut said...

I love crepes!!! Okay, so your post made me hungry. Again. :p