Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Heart: Island Baby

Being a mommy is the best job in the world! As much as possible you want to protect your family from any danger, sicknesses or negative situation. And since I'm a mom to my 5 y/o daughter, gusto ko she's protected 24/7. 

But, even though I want to be the best mom, I can't protect her all the time, not even sa mga mosquito bite. Sobra akong paranoid sa mosquitoes kung alam nyo lang. And we all know how rampant ang dengue fever in our country (Philippines). So, aside from praying to God for protection, I'm glad when KMBI gave me this Island Basics' Island Baby  Bug Off Spray.

I use this to shoo-away mosquitoes. What I do is, I spray them in front of the fan para kumalat ung smell since pwede naman syang gamitin as a room spray My daughter loves the smell! For me the scent is parang aromatherapy-ish. Super loveeeet!! Everytime nakakakita ako ng mosquito, I spray this agad :)

What I love about Island Basics' Island Baby Bug Off Spray? It is made of organic ingredients. It smells really good, promise! :) This is a must for every family! :))

"Our products are all locally made in the Philippines and whenever possible, our ingredients are also sourced locally. We also support some groups like Green Earth and World Vision. By buying our products, you help provide jobs and education to Filipinos." - Island Basics Facebook Page

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Oooo! I'm gonna get this next :) S is kagatin eh :(