Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Snoe Suntervention Bloggers Convention

I had the opportunity to attend the Snoe Suntervention Bloggers Convention held last March 24. I was thrilled when they invited me again since I was not able to go to their 1st bloggers event last December 2011.

As I have mentioned in my outfit diary post here, it was raining non stop that whole day. But it did not stop us from going to the event. And I am glad we went. I saw familiar faces and met new ones too. And yes, the rain stopped the moment we got to the event's place. And again yes, it rained again when we were about to leave that night haha :D

cute umbrelly! perfect for our bipolar weather :))

Enjoyed the event with these fab bloggers.

with Ayabell! :)

with Gie! Thank you girl at inaantay ka namin. Napabili tuloy kami ng magnum sa kaka wait ng text back mo hahaha! :D

After eating, we were asked to form a circle kasi may game daw. The game was round the clock thing if yun ang tawag dun, lol. We were told that they they will choose 3 and mag dedemo daw ng hair heroes ala commercial model. Grabe ang pray ko na hindi ako makuha or maipasa ko agad ang bottle-haha! :D

Ms. Jen Gerodias-Diaz of Snoe Beauty demonstrated to us her way of putting hair heroes :))

And blogger friend Genn was one of the chosen 3. Hindi sya masyadong game na game. May matching dance lang yung demo nya haha! :D

Aya was the 2nd chosen one. Career ang pag flip ng hair lol! :D

Tara was the 3rd and last chosen one.

Though all of them can be a commercial model, I think the dance step made Genn a winner hehe :P

After the game, they had a raffle where we can win some more Snoe money for our shopping spree! How cool noh? :)

Kai with her php300 Snoe money.

I got php600 Snoe money for my shopping spree. Yay!! :D 

And of course, they brought Snoe Beauty products to us and we shopped right there and then.

And here's what I got! :) Believe me, I had a hard time choosing on what items to get. But I decided to get the magic apple whitening scrub, clay mask and toner since I want to get rid of my black heads and dark spots. Can't wait to see the results! :)

Thank you Ms. Jen for welcoming us into your home and inviting us. 

Will be blogging about Snoe Beauty products in my next post. Exciting good news awaits all of you! *hint: Sale :))

Follow Snoe Beauty on Twitter and Like their FB Page to be updated with their latest news. 

Anyway, Holy Week is coming up. What are your plans? Enjoy your time with your family and let's take time to rest and reflect God's love for us :))

Shopgirl Jen


Arnie Villanueva said...

Great event, Mommy Jen! :) Naiimagine ko sila Genn and Aya during the game, sobrang cute and bongga! Too bad I missed it! :( Miss you girls! Hope to bond with you more soon! xx


MissGennD said...

Dapat talaga game! Careerin ang mga games for more fun!!! Sayang wala si Sofi malamang sha un mananalo dun!

Aya said...

HAHA OMG Arnie! Wag mong imaginin! Hahahaha Great to see you ulit Jen :) The event was sooo much fun :D

Wonder Woman said...

I'm so sad I missed this! Mostly coz I miss you guys na! :(

Shopgirl Jen said...

@arnie: thanks! atlis nagkita tayo earlier ng event haha! hope to see you soon! :))

@genn: haha! next time will bring her. :)

@aya: parang ang daming adventure dahil sa lakas ng ulan hehe :P

@angel: aawww... let's catch up! :)