Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bioessence Beauty Break

I had the opportunity to go to Bioessence, West Ave. twice in a span of 2 weeks. When Gel recommended me to Bioessence, I did not know that I was also invited to their Beauty Break event the following week, hehe! :D (I received their email invite when I was there :))

Thank you to the friendly staff of Bioessence, I was able to tour their place. I so love the jacuzzi! It's so big! The facility is very clean and complete. They have separate rooms for men and women. 

We all know that Bioesence is known for skin, slimming and spa. That's why I was planning lang to have a body massage. But, when the staff asked me and and examined my face thru their ultra-violet thing, she showed me my black heads (Eewww, I know), na-convince agad ako to finally try their facial services.  Actually, it was my first time to have a facial. Yes. FIRST TIME! haha! :D Except from occasional break out, dryness here and there, scattered freckles, I am blessed with good skin(if I say so myself, hehe). I have this notion (and from my friends experiences) kasi na when you start na magpa facial, either you'll break out or you will be prone to pimple attackS (emphasis on the S). But, I'm glad I tried their facial. I finally got rid of stubborn blackheads from my nose, hehe :p

Aside from facial, I also tried their diamond peel. Super love it! Sorry no photos. Can't stand the evidenceS (emphasis again on the S) from my face. Dead skin. Yikes! HAHA! :p Now, I am finally convince. Facial care is a MUST. My face needs to rejuvenate every month. 

After a week of my facial care experience, I was back again at Bioessence, West Ave. for Beauty Break Event and some pampering sesh with fellow bloggers. 

They served delish "pika-pika" :))

Learned a lot from Ms. Charisse, assistant training officer of  Bioessence. She said that being stressful all the time contributes a lot to facial breakout. And not only breakout, it causes a lot of imbalances emotionally and physically. Don't you agree? :)

Since it was a pampering sesh and I am done with facial, I finally had that foot massage. Woohoo! :D 

When the massage was over, the staff from Bioessence asked us if we want to try their hand paraffin. Out of curiosity, I said I wanna try. I had no idea kung ano ang hand paraffin. I thought hand massage lang sya. Fail. haha! :D When some of the bloggers who were with me at the room and already had their turn of hand paraffin, sabi nila super hot daw yung yellow water kaya gusto ko na lang sana mag back out. haha! :P Kaso parang nakakahiya. Kaya when it was my turn, I was prepared na to feel the heat. 

You know what? I'm glad I did not back out! It's not that hot as I expected(buti na lang mataas ang expectation ko. heh!). After dipping both hands to paraffin(melted wax), they covered it with plastic and waited for awhile. When they removed the plastic na feel kong nag soft ang hands ko. Yay! :) 
*Hand paraffin is beneficial for people suffering from arthritis or other joint or muscle pain and who has sweaty (pasmado) hands. It helps remove dead skin as well.

After exchanging tweets for some time, I finally met Carizza, hehe! :D

With fellow mom/blogger Kath. Flattered ako when she recognized me and told me that she's reading my blog, hehe! :)) Thank you!

Bioessence Beauty Break is one of my favorite pampering sesh to date. Thank you Bioessence for the invite! :) Can't wait for my next date with you :))

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Arnie Villanueva said...

Awww pamper day!! :) Super kembot lang from our house, Bioessence na! Must visit here soon! ♥


Kath Rivera said...

Thanks Jen :) Sana makasama ko kayo ulit sa susunod na event.

Gellie Abogado said...

Love it when I'm in a pampering session din! Looks like you girls really did have a lot of fun :)

John Petter said...

Love to see that photos.
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Aya said...

Di pa ako nakakapunta :( Huhu but soon talaga. Sayang din yung offer :/

Unknown said...

i really enjoy the hand paraffin wax! ready for round 2? haha