Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Hyundai: Fashion Confidential for Women

I had an opportunity to attend One Hyundai: Fashion Confidential for Women event. It was my first time to attend such event wherein I learned a lot when it comes with fashion. Here, I learned what is the proper or kind of clothes should I wear that will flatter my height and body type. Though, I know we have our own style, we still need some tips. right? Right! :))

Will upload some photos in the next few days since ang dami pala nya, hehe :D Here are the photos of the event.

I had a pleasure of listening to Ms. Shaila Anareta. She gave us useful tips that will really help us feel and look better. :)

What's your body type?

Facial Shapes. Ms. Shaila said, in order for us to know our true facial shape, we must look in front of the mirror then draw an outline of your face.

Delish food from Paire Cocktails and Pastries. Yum!

My seatmates: Karen, Kai, Lana and Rovie

Will blog every tips that I learned from the event soon. Stay tuned for that! :)

Thank you One Hyundai for hosting Fashion Confidential for Women event.

Have a great day! :))

Shopgirl Jen

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Arnie Villanueva said...

Such a fun event, Mommy Jen! :) Sad that I missed this, though. I think kasabay 'to ng PFW! :| Anyhoo, date soon with the girls!!! Looking forward to it po! ♥

Arnie Villanueva