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United Colors of Benetton Fragrances


Introducing the new scents, by United Colors of Benetton.
First, there was red, yellow, green and blue. Rosso and Giallo for women, Verde and Blu for men: four fragrances inspired by the colorful world of Benetton. Now, Benetton takes its vision of unity in diversity one step further, invoking the ultimate attraction of opposites with two new scents in the Benetton fragrance collection. Introducing black and white: Nero for men, Bianco for women.
Black and white, a unique chemistry
Black and white? Or white and black? They may be opposites, but these two colors are clearly destined to be complementary. Black is the absence of color, white a blend of every color in the spectrum, and together they have a unique and timeless chemistry. Black and white are simple, black and white are stylish, black and white are modern, black and white are universal. In short, black and white are Benetton.

Bianco for women, Nero for men. Like a photographic negative, the two opposites are united by design. First, on the sleek glass flasks, envisioned by the young team of creative talents at Fabrica, Benetton's famous communication research center.

The iconic Benetton wool stitch logo is stenciled on the clear glass as if in spray paint – a defiant gesture inspired by street art that also evokes the act of spraying fragrance on the skin. Next, on the boxes – white with black graphics for Bianco, black with white graphics for Nero – where each color is accompanied by a list of its sensations and associations: moon, snow, feather, cotton, purity for Bianco; ink, night, eclipse, magic, gothic for Nero.

Woman: sparkling and feminine
Just as white blends all the colors in the spectrum into pure perfection, so Benetton Bianco Woman fuses fruity and floral fragrance essences into a seductively sparkling composition. In the top note, luscious lychee pulp is complemented by bamboo sap and white mulberry, evolving into a feminine heart of white rose, grape flower and dewy jasmine. The dry-down is soft and sweet, infused with notes of cocooning cotton musk, vanilla and white patchouli.

Man: vibrant and virile
Cool and clean, fresh and forthright, Benetton Nero Man is a citrus woody scent that debuts with sparkling notes of blood tangerine, peppermint and grapefruit zest. The coolness lingers through a spicy heart of mace, juniper berries and lemon tree wood, lending depth to the fragrance, then evolves towards a darkly vibrant dry-down of Indonesian patchouli, ebony wood and black musks.

Price range:
Eau de Toilette 100ml – PHP 1,350.00  | 30ml – PHP 850.00

HOT GOLD, COLD SILVER, two scents for women and men
Of all metals, gold and silver are surely the most iconic. Throughout the ages, throughout the world, these precious elements have been symbols of wealth and objects of desire, traded as coinage and treasured as jewelry. But never yet has their universal allure been expressed in fragrance. Until now. Introducing Hot Gold and Cold Silver, new scents for women and men by United Colors of Benetton.

An iconic design revisited
Hot Gold and Cold Silver reinterpret, with modernity and sophistication, the daring design of Benetton's legendary Hot and Cold fragrances, launched in 1997 and still cult objects today. The avant-garde bottles with their witty tap-shaped caps broke new ground in fragrance, symbolizing a flow of energy, a rush of sensations which, like water, can be turned on and off.

For Hot Gold and Cold Silver, this iconic design is revisited with a new pure white color code, which creates the perfect backdrop for the warm gold and cool silver graphics – the name of the fragrance in bold block letters and the instantly identifiable Benetton wool stitch.

Cold Silver for men
Sleek and sophisticated, silver is associated with design, technology and ultra-modernity. Cold Silver for men translates this cool, clean elegance into a virile fougere fragrance that immediately asserts its presence with dynamic top notes of yuzu, coriander and ginger. In the heart, aromatic silver sage is spiced with a pinch of cardamom seeds. The woody dry-down blends silver moss, mineral amber and vibrant musks, creating a strong, unmistakably masculine signature

Hot Gold for women
Its Latin name aurum – meaning shining dawn – gives a hint of the multiple evocations of gold. Gold is light and love, hope and happiness. Hot Gold for women captures these associations in a light and elegant fruity floral fragrance which opens with a bright bergamot note, rounded out by touches of golden apple and yellow peach. The delicate heart blends star fruit and radiant rose with soft hints of mimosa, developing into a sensual dry-down of sandalwood, solar musks and golden amber.

Price range:
Eau de Toilette 100ml – PHP 1,375.00

All of these will be available this June in all leading department stores, fresh fragrance stores nationwide!

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