Friday, July 13, 2012

Armand Basi x Rose Glacee 's Philippine Press Event

Had an opportunity to attend the Philippine Press Event of Armand Basi's latest fragrance at The Prestige head office in Makati.

It was one intimate event wherein we(with fellow bloggers) were able to interview and learned much more about Armand Basi from Mr. Carlos Dogliani, Regional Director for Asia and Latin America of Idesa Parfum.

Since the debut of its first collection in 1986, the Armand Basi brand has embedded its style
and fashion offerings within a framework of intellectual discourse based on social
commentary. The brand's original taste for avantgarde artistic references has evolved sideby-
side a dynamic sense of aesthetics, a natural consequence of the desire to be on the
cutting edge.

"Glacée" is a French word that means frozen. It is the rose trapped in ice: cool and frosted.
Beautiful and magnificent, suspended in the prime of its youth. Protected by the cold,
perennial in its beauty, she stands defiant and proud. Seductive and beautiful.

The packaging represents the fragrance's duality. On the one hand, a feminine and delicate
design in pink hues, with a flower as the main element; on the other, a modern and
unconventional touch: A geometric paper rose. The box seems a conventional matte pale
pink rectangular box, featuring an image of the paper rose and the name and brand in a
more intense hue; but it captivates us with surprise when it opens like a flower in spring,
unfolding four ways and exposing the bottle in a gesture that mimics the femininity of flowers.

The bottle is light and feminine, with a rounded shape. Made of opaque, glazed glass, with a frosted pink tint, its tinged finish reflects the icy freshness of the fragrance. The rose-shaped cap is the fine detail that represents the spirit of ROSE GLACÉE: Metallic in texture, fresh in appearance, it plays with geometry, mimicking the folds of a modern paper flower.

A rose-shaped design and original concept. Young, bold and modern like ARMAND BASI

Mr. Carlos Dogliani, Regional Director for Asia and Latin America of Idesa Parfum.

With my fellow bloggers! :)

Took home this cute basket tote bag and Rose Glacee. Yay!! :))

Rose Glacee by Armand Basi is the perfect gift to women of any age. Aside from the rose flowery scent, the cute bottle and packaging is a major plus! 

Thank you Prestige and Paul The PR Guy for inviting me :))

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Arnie Villanueva said...

So glad to be with you that day, Mommy Jen!! >:D< Bongga ng Rose Glacee, so refreshing!

Arnie Villanueva