Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The art of letter writing with Papillo Fine Stationers

Writing letters by hand may be considered a lost art for some, especially in this digital age when almost everyone is all about their computers and mobile phones. For stationer Trish Panlilio, however, there’s nothing more delightful than a beautifully and carefully handwritten note.

“I sincerely believe people appreciate a handwritten letter, no matter how long or short,” shares Trish, Owner of Papillo Fine Stationers. “It's the time you set aside to do it that makes it more meaningful.”

I for one will appreciate it if someone give me a handwritten letter. Mas personal kasi ang dating. With the technology nowadays, I know I will get kilig kasi  parang mas feel mo yung emotion. :)  I know this because after all this years, all my letters since my high school days, nakatago pa. And every time I fix my drawers I still read them. Unlike messages thru email and text nabura na.

Papillo Fine Stationers aims to bring back the seemingly forgotten charm of letter writing by providing its clients fresh and exciting ways to put their sentiments on paper. Bursting with an array of bold colors, whimsical artwork, and a fashion-forward sense of style, Papillo products lend a sophisticated flair to whatever a client wants written down.

Papillo offers an extensive selection of stationery, invitations, gift cards, and note cards
It is available for viewing by simply calling 0929365 2328 or 0918 9369854. You can also visit the website for more information.

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Unknown said...

ang cute nung prang desk note! I like! Thanks for sharing.

eyah :)

Unknown said...

Cute cute! Until now I love writing in lil nice notepads. :)