Saturday, December 15, 2012

A delicious Christmas from BYS cosmetics

It’s Christmas once again. That time of the year when everyone is abuzz with the shopping frenzy as early as August.

Holiday gift-giving has a long tradition filled with noble intentions that sometimes leave shoppers more harassed than cheerful. Aside from worrying what to give who, whether the recipients will like the gift or not; people have to contend with their budgets while taking into account to pick gifts that show both love, affection and appreciation for the people that we care for.
But it doesn't have to be that way. Be it family and close friends,  colleagues and bosses, let you heart be the guide!
This 2012 BYS Cosmetics has the perfect gift suggestions for everyone whether following a shopping gift list or those last minute situations that often leave you hapless. A collection of the most colorful and scrumptious stocking stuffers that are too precious it’s quite understandable to give in to the temptation of keeping them for yourselves. 

Flower Lip Gloss (P549)
4 different shades (Raspberry, Strawberry, Candy, Watermelon)

Be Yourself Pack (P649)
4 pack nail polish with 1 nail buffer 

Glam & Glitter Nail Polish (P999)
10 bottles 

Cupcake Lip Gloss (P549)
4 different shades (Strawberry, Grape, Apple, Watermelon)

Gloss (P899)
6 different shades in kissable lip-shaped containers 

Lucky Lips (P399)
Lip Gloss stacker, Butterfly shaped lip gloss, Heart-shaped lip gloss 

Candy Kisses (P599)
Lolly shaped lip gloss, Candy stick lip gloss, Circle lip gloss 

Mixed Box of Treats (P949)
This blissful dessert shaped Lip Gloss are the cutest treat for your lips. This lip glosses will look pretty inside you bag or purse; and positively yummy on your lips. Now you’ll have more reason to lick your lips with these delicious dessert treats. The set is composed of 1 ice cream on a stick, (pink lip gloss w/ applicator), 1 doughnut (clear gloss), 1 ice cream cone (gradient of glosses), 1 sundae (clear gloss)

Mixed Box of Sweets (P799)
Cupcake and candy lip glosses are scrumptious delicacy your lips will love. A choice of plain or glitter gloss for lip-smacking kissable lips.
Made up of 2 chocolates, 1 lolly, 1 candy stick 

Sweet Treats (P1099) 
9 chocolate shaped Lip Gloss 

Eye Shimmer Mini Set (P649)
2 pcs. / colors of eye shimmer 

BYS Cosmetics Australia makes gift giving easy, simple and oh-soo delicious!
BYS Cosmetics is exclusively available at selected SM Department Stores and Watson outlets in Metro Manila and major cities of the country.

Shopgirl Jen

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