Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Food Trip: Manang's Chicken

A few weeks back, I had a date with Sofi and the fambam and since I wanted to try the new products from Manangs Chicken and favorite ni Sofi ang chips and dip nila, we decided to visit their branch in SM Annex. By the way, they are located at upper ground floor of SM Annex, North Edsa.

If you read my post here, Manangs Chicken relaunched their Garlic Pork rice meal. And of course, I ordered it. And wow! They're bigger and crunchier! And their rice serving was also upsized! Can't believe the whole meal is only Php109! Eat Big on a Budget talaga!! 

I especially loved the garlic toppings. It also comes with vinegar dip. Perfect combo, don't you think?

Gotta have their crunchy chips!

Aside from my usual order of garlic mayo and creamy cheese dip, I also tried their spicy  ketchup(new dip). If you love spicy as much as I do, you're gonna love spicy ketchup too! (wow tamang rhyme lang hehe! )

May batang natuwa! The moment I placed our order in our table, kinuha nya agad yung chips and said, "Can I have all of this?" haha! :P

One of my fave side dish - buttered corn and carrots!

One of the reasons why we went to Manang's Chicken! Been craving for this ever since I tried this! :) Super looooooove their Red Velvet Sundae! I asked the staff if they can serve it after our meal and they happily obliged. When our red velvet sundae came, we were shocked kasi the bottom of the cup was a little warm than than the usual. It's not your typical sundae, I tell you. And I love it to bits! :))

Go and visit Manang's Chicken today! And have a taste of "Ang bagong fried chicken ng mga Pinoy!" Like them also on Facebook and be updated. :) 

Have a great day!

Shopgirl Jen


Hazel said...

nakakagutom naman to! haha it's nice to know they have new food in their menu since i last visited :)

jobelle myx said...

oh yumyum! been craving for redvelvets too! :D


Hayfa said...

Aww your little girl looks so cute :)




Aya said...

Di pa rin ako nakakain sa Manang's! Dito nga tayo next time :D

shopgirljen said...

You should try it! It will not disappoint! :)

shopgirljen said...

Yeah! Craving for their red velvets! :)

shopgirljen said...

Aawww.. Thanksssss! :))

shopgirljen said...

Gora!! Sooooooooooon please! :)

Grace said...

Oh wow. Another chicken place. :D I think the food looks a bit to posh though for the more "masa" name Manang's Chicken

Mary jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons said...

wow npacrave ako bigla sa super close up n photo ng chicken! the little girl looks so charming on the last photo too! xx