Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Melawares introduces new Disney© line

To all parents out there, do you find it hard to feed your children? Do you resort to "habulan time" and bribing them just to eat? Maybe it's time you change their sets of plates! 

We all know how children love characters. From bags, to clothes, to accessories, they want everything with (cartoon)character or characters that are familiar to them. Melawares now offers dinner and starter sets with our favorite Disney Character designs that I'm sure our kiddos will love to have!

As a mom, what I love about Melawares products is that their plates are durable, will not easily break, it's also microwavable and safe to place our hot food. They're also easy to wash and they are smooth too. No roughness around the edges and one of the trusted brands I know when it comes with table/kitchen wares.

Designs such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Princesses will be a sure hit for our little ones. I'm sure they're gonna love their food when it's placed in their fave character sets. 

Sofi loves her princess plate that she even use it kahit anong food ang kainin nya. Since she thinks she's a princess, she prefers princess stuff. And Melawares princess set is perfect for her!

The kiddos are ready to eat with their own character plate sets. Sofi with her cousin MC. I heard Sofi said that they are having a disney party for two, hehe!

The set includes 1 plate, 1 bowl and a glass.

To all parents out there, let's have a hassle-free feeding time with our kids. Let's bring out the fun in eating time. Melawares Disney line set is now available at leading department stores for only Php199!

Aside from Melawares, the classic brand that carries high-quality melamine tableware products, CDC Manufacturing Corporation has other brands such as Bestware, an affordable tableware line; Urban Kitchen, a modern brand that carries food service products outside of melamine tableware; and Perfect Dining, a brand of high-end melamine products exclusive for the SM Department Store chain. It is also the leading manufacturer of customized dinnerware for Quick Service Restaurants serving some of the biggest names in the food industry.

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