Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Organic Collection: SM Babies Goes Green

A week ago, I was invited to attend the SM Babies Goes Green wherein they launched their new Organic Collection. When I had Sofi a few years ago, my concern were limited to our health, welfare and basic needs. I thought that was the best that I can give. At the SM Babies Goes Green event, I learned that we can give 100% more of whats best for our babies. As a mother we should strive hard in giving our baby a healthy lifetyle.

Going organic means a guarantee of better living. In keeping with the widespread movement toward achieving that all-natural lifestyle, SM Babies presents its latest line of organic wear. Free of any harmful chemicals or processes, the line counts as the latest addition to their regular assortment of chic, affordable baby apparel.

Made for moms who want to make a difference, the methods involved in creating these textiles minimize damage to the environment. Choosing to limit such effects through the organic choice gives families everywhere the chance to be a part of something bigger. By limiting the country’s carbon footprint bit by bit, there comes the opportunity for ecological growth through personal advocacy.

Celebrity Mommies Nicole Hernandez and Amanda Griffin talked about their change to a healthier lifestyle once they become mothers and shared the benefits of organic apparel. They have endeavored to give their babies the best upbringing. From breastfeeding to organic living, these mothers realize that health is wealth when it comes to raising their precious little ones.

Each article of clothing is composed of 100% organic cotton containing no toxic residue obtained from plant pesticides, herbicides, or processing compounds. The ultra-soft, hypoallergenic fabric keeps babies snug and comfortable without the potential for causing irritation. Moms and their young ones can look forward to selecting from affordable apparel essentials such as bibs, rompers, cloth diapers, and beanies.

Nicole with her son, Ms. Jo Dy Juanco-Vice President for Children's Fashion Management Corp. and Amanda with her son.

With fellow mommies Char and April. Thank you so much Krissy for inviting us! :)

The SM Babies organic collection is currently available under SM-exclusive brands, St. Patrick and Tiny Tummies at selected The SM Stores nationwide.

Thank you, ARC PR and SM Babies for inviting me. I think it's a sign! ;))

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