Thursday, October 17, 2013

Celebrating wild life at Ark Avilon Zoo

Just wanna share our experience. A few weeks ago, Sofi's(my daughter) school held their annual field trip for grade 1 students. One of the places they chose to go was Ark Avilon Zoo. They are located at Tiendesitas, Pasig City.

Since grade 1 pa lang si Sofi, she's required to have a guardian or parent to go with her. And yay for me, because 1. nakakamiss din ang mga school field trips, yung baon- haha! at gulo sa bus, and 2. I've never been to Ark Avilon Zoo. I've been to Manila Zoo before but super tagal na. So, yeah.. parehas kaming kilig and excited ni Sofi when we were in the bus na. :))

We were there around 8:20am and we were told that they'll open pa at 9am.
Sofi's showing us what to expect inside.

Small turtle. So cute!!!

I know that Ark Avilon Zoo is parang an open space for animals. They're birds na wala sa cage, pero they were behave naman. Even though a lot of people were taking their pictures, they don't feel alarmed or agitated.  Na-inform naman ata ang mga birds, hehe. :D

*insert Katy Perry's Roar!! Can you see from Sofi's eyes kung gaano sya ka-scared? If I can just post her "patakbo" shots kasi natatakot sya na baka makalabas yung puma, hehe! When we got there, paikot ikot lang yung puma. I think the puma knows that there's a lot of people outside and she/he's planning an escape. lol!

Too bad the photo is grainy pero I still love this shot! Galing at nakaporma pa si puma at Sofi. :))

We are allowed to feed some animals. Like rabbits, fish, birds, monkey. We have to pay lang for their food. I think around php40-50 depending on the animal.

Fiesta ang mga fishes sa dami ng nag feed sa kanila.

At the 2nd floor there's different birds, rabbits, pony and reindeer.

If you want to have your picture taken with a particular animal, you have to pay pa. Around php50. Like this monkey, you have to pay pa so you can sit beside him/her for picture. If birds naman, you can have the bird in your hand/arms pero with pay din.

Ok na kami ni Sofi na sa background na lang ang mga birds kahit d na namin sila hawakan, hehe

If you're planning to visit Ark Avilon Zoo, make sure na may fan(pamaypay) at towel(para sa likod ng mga bata) kayong dala. It was very hot inside. Maybe because of their yellow light or some lighting effect. All in all, according to Sofi, it was the best day ever daw. (actually, lahat ng labas namin best day ever para sa kanya, haha!). 

Have some bonding time with your family. Let your children discover the wild life at Ark Avilon Zoo. You may visit them from Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm and Saturday-Sunday, Holidays from 10am-7pm. 

Will share the other two places here on my blog from Sofi's field trip soon. Stay tuned! Have a great day! :)


airam halili said...

I haven't been in Ark Avilon Zoo yet but it looks fun and awesome! I love going to field trips! Hihi. ^^

Jam Daquio said...

One thing I love with kiddie field trips is that it never forgets the essence of getting to be in touched with animals. :) I wish I could have my visit here soon.