Tuesday, December 10, 2013

OpsObject now in Manila

OpsObject, an italian brand accessories found its way to Manila! Glad I was able go witnessed its launched last November 26 at Vanilla Cupcake in Glorietta. 

Inspired by the fashion icons that characterized the history of jewels and accessories in the past, such as the heart tag charm bracelets and the timeless tennis, an international fashion design project named OPS!OBJECTS was born in Italy in 2010.

The OPS!OBJECTS project jumpstarted with a range of colorful, playful and fashionable bracelets, and their mix of beautiful, irresistible vibrant color palette and materials attract those who are not afraid to play with a wide range of color and those who want to stand out from the crowd. Because of its fun, playful and unconventional pieces, and meticulous attention to every detail, OPS!OBJECTS became a staple for every fashionista and in an instant must-have for every season. With its tremendous success in Italy, OPS!OBJECTS then started to branch out abroad in June 2010 – from Italy to Spain, France, Portugal, Greece and to Hong Kong. Now, OPS!OBJECTS finally made its way to the Philippines, reaching Filipino women of all ages who want to achieve a unique look with an unconventional touch of glam. 

I know we're used to seeing a lot of edgy accessories and OpsObject is a breath of fresh air with its colorful, pastel and fun pieces.

The woman behind OpsObject here in Manila, Ms. Olive.

Cute, colorful tennis bracelet. At the end of the event, I was able to win one of these! Yay!!!

With OPS!OBJECTS, there are a lot of pieces that will surely tickle every Filipino woman’s fancy. From bracelets, necklaces to rings, there sure is a little something for everyone. The OPS!OBJECTS Jewels boasts top quality style through the mix of stylish ideas, color play, and use of innovative materials like rubber, resin and silicone. Starting with the OPS!Love collection, OPS!OBJECTS presents their iconic bracelet that jauntily reinvents this classic piece of jewelry. Ladies who are attracted to quirky, fun and easy-to-wear pieces will definitely adore the OPS!Love bracelet. It features a large heart-shaped silicon pendent engraved with “Lovely designed in Italy” and the OPS!OBJECTS logo, a steel “OPS!” charm, and comes in 27 shades making for a extensive color range. Completing the OPS!Love collection is the OPS!Love Necklace and OPS!Love Earrings. The OPS!Love Necklace is linked by a long resin chain and the famous heart-shaped silicon pendant with the OPS! logo is fixed to a stainless steel spring ring clasp, allowing the fashionista in you to choose the position of the pendant. The OPS!Love Earrings is the protagonist of dangling earrings in perfect harmony with the bracelets and necklaces. The heart-shaped silicon and the stainless steel tag dangle from a resin chain comes in 8 colors to create 8 perfect matches with the OPS!Love Jewels. Now, there are no limits to fancy, to color and to the creation of endless possibilities of color combinations and look. 

Love these hip, trendy pieces. You can wear them with any outfit, don't you think? :)

Designed for the ladies who are in love with the 50s, the OPS!Pois collection pays homage to the fabulous fashion of the 50s. A variation of OPS!Love, the soft silicon heart pendent of Pois is designed with polka dots and creates a delicious optical effect where the colors merge delicately. The bracelet has a sweet strawberry scent, surprising you with a touch of happy breeze every time you wear it.

For the simple and romantic women, OPS! gives a twist to the must-have timeless jewelry. The OPS!Tennis bracelet is designed with 31 precious Swarovski crystals and comes in 20 color variations, making it a versatile and stylish fashion piece. The single body made of silicone symbolizes simplicity and democratizes the design of the historic bracelet, while the succession of the stones, intricately lined up one after the other, symbolizes eternal love.

Young girls and the young girls at heart will be enchanted on a dreamlike state made of pastel tones and chessboards as OPS! brings the renowned novel Alice in Wonderland to their bracelets. The OPS!Damier collection presents an easy chic and refined look; the checkered texture on the creations, inspired by the Queen of Hearts, is able to surprise with a unique soft-touch effect. OPS!Damier reminds fairy tales made of magic, spells and games, and the ladies who represent OPS!Damier is a glam rock Alice with an elegant, punk, charming touch.

As if these collections are not yet enough, OPS!OBJECTS still has a lot more to offer. OPS!Beat are heart-shaped, silicon earrings that decorate the earlobe like buttons, perfect for ladies who want to light up their face features. OPS!Rock is an eye-catching glamour ring that comes in 8 colors, with a polycarbonate band holding a 10mm Swarovski crystal, signed and carved with a little OPS! logo. While OPS!Rock XL is a gem with 52 facets that shimmer from every angle. Its polycarbonate band and bezel setting with soft-touch finish supports a large, 18mm-wide Cubic Zirconia. The rings come in 3 colors and come in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Both rings can instantly brighten up anyone’s day just by looking at it, and can definitely make a fashion statement for women of all ages.

OPS!OBJECTS has a non-conventional attitude to jewelry as it is a factory of innovative ideas, a place where creativity, design and fashion merge into unique products. And this innovation is what we believe the Filipino women of all ages might have been waiting for. After all, they are known to be among the happiest people in the world and it is without a doubt that they are drawn to happy, vibrant and striking things that embody joy and playfulness. OPS!OBJECTS offers exactly just that. 

Stacked up your arm with these arm candies. 

Yummy Vanilla Cupcakes!!!

Seeing these girls added the fun at the event. Say hi to Ava and Arnie! :)

With these fun, colorful, playful, and easy-to-wear OPS!OBJECTS Jewels, women of all ages can be glamorous and cool without giving up the unconventional touch of glam and classic chic style.

We now have a new reason to accessorize even more! In light of the recent devastation brought by Typhoon Yolanda, OPS!OBJECTS Philippines will be donating 10% of its profits for November and December to the victims of Yolanda. For every OPS!OBJECTS sold, we will be able to help our brothers and sisters who were, and still are, affected by Typhoon Yolanda. 

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