Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Zap Crawl at BGC

Do you love pampering "me-time" sesh? How about having drinks or dessert? Lover of good food? You need Zap card to enjoy all and add some perks to them! 

The Zap team invited us to their blogger's launch of Zap Card at BGC. We were invited first to gather at Sunshine Kitchen. We learned that when you have a Zap Card, Sunshine Kitchen gives 5% cash back! Galing noh? Super sarap na ng food, may cash back ka pa!

This pasta is pure awesomesauce!! One of the best pasta na na-try ko. 

After having a full meal at Sunshine Kitchen, we went outside and walked towards another building and visited Urban Ashram. (Same building as Active Fun). And of course, they give 10% cash back if you have a Zap card!

If you're into yoga, meditating, a break from your routine life, you must visit Urban Ashram and enroll yourself. 

Since, fieldtrip ang peg, we visited another partner of Zap. Wink gives 5% cash back when you have a Zap card. Pamper. Tap. Earn!! 

Of course I volunteered to try one of their services. Haha! They waxed/cleaned my eyebrows. And since it was my 1st time to have it waxed, medyo na anticipate ko yung pain. But I was assured naman na smooth lang sya and I won't feel a thing. And lo and behold, before I know it, it was done na. Parang pumikit lang ako and counted 10 seconds. Lol! Couldn't wait to go back and try their other services. Of course, I'll be bringing my Zap card with me. :)

Before we ended our "fieldtrip", we were treated to some sweet cupcakes from Slice. And yes, 5% cash back will be given to you when you use your Zap card. Sweet treat, right? (pun intended)

Cupcake heaven with these 3!!! 

Why you need a Zap card? Loyalty and rewards cards have been done many times, many ways, but the ZAPtag is the Philippines’ first-ever rewards smart sticker that you can stick to your phone and have it with you at all times. It’s accepted at over 200 establishments in the metro.  

With a ZAPtag, one could splurge at favorite stores like Adidas, Digital Walker, Titania Wine Cellar, Office Warehouse and The Spa. Stuff your belly at Happy Lemon, Draft Gastropub, Burgoo, Mesa or Red Mango. Every time, you get 2% to 15% Cashback Points credited when you tap your ZAPtag at our terminals—one point = one peso. The more you spend, the more points you earn. Tap your ZAPtag again to use your points to pay for any item across the ZAP network.

Register now at and have all the cashback from Zap's partnered merchants. Happy Zapping!!! :)

Thank you so much Zap team for having me. Really enjoyed our afternoon field trip! :)

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