Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tokyo Tokyo Fire & Ice

Our favorite go-to japanese restaurant did it again!  A week ago,  I attended the media launch where Tokyo Tokyo introduced their latest dishes. It was held at Tokyo Tokyo BGC branch.  The event's theme was Fire and Ice. Why Fire and Ice?  Read more! 

Red for Fire

White for Ice.  Super love the decor! 

The event was scheduled mid-afternoon. And it was hot that day,  kaya sobrang natakam ako dito when I saw these!  It's gonna be a perfect dessert for summer! 

While waiting for the event to start,  we got to taste their new french fries.  Parang sour cream na may halong wasabi flavor.  Super saraaaapp!  Nakakaaddict yung lasa nya.  You should try it!  It's a perfect combo with my favorite california maki. 

Here comes the Fire part!  If you saw the new TVC of Tokyo Tokyo,  you'll know what I'm talking about. A new twist has added to the famous pork tonkatsu bento.  What could be better than melted cheese and cabbage salad with sesame dressing as side dish?  

Well-known for their authentic Japanese flavors and hefty servings, Tokyo Tokyo endeavors to give their following more delicious picks with their new Cheese Tonkatsu Bento. Creamy cheese oozes out with every bite, punctuating the breaded tender pork cutlets, and enhancing the overall taste of a true Tokyo Tokyo favorite. Savory and satisfying, the cheese-laden surprise is a first for Tonkatsu fans to experience.

“Tokyo Tokyo’s Pork Tonkatsu Bento is a big favorite with a lot of our customers,” says Harvie Sering, Product Manager for Tokyo Tokyo. “This time around we’ve made it even better with a yummy cheese filling and thicker, juicier pork slices. Diners get the same quality they can find at any specialty Tonkatsu restaurant, but at a really affordable price.”

We also noticed that the serving of pork tonkatsu servings is now bigger, more tender and more juicier.  The cheesy part really added flavor to the pork.  

Now that we are experiencing summer heat and as summer season starts,  what could be a better way to cool off?  Having snow ice! For the first time,  Tokyo Tokyo introduced 3 new desserts! 

Based on a classic Japanese festival offering, the Kakigori, a shaved ice delicacy mixed with various flavored syrups, Tokyo Tokyo’s Snow Ice packs on a whole lot more. It also puts a twist on other popular Filipino iced desserts, such as the Halo-Halo. These delectable delights come in heaping bowls of shaved ice topped off by a medley of flavorful goodies. Diners can enjoy a refreshing and delightful treat at an affordable price.

Available in three scrumptious flavors, this mouthwatering dessert features a bed of vanilla-flavored ice, similar to fallen snow, with a smoother and lighter consistency than your typical ice desserts. Sweetened by a drizzle of milk, Tokyo Tokyo’s Snow Ice also boasts heaps of tasty and refreshing toppings to satisfy diners’ cravings.

Halo-Halo is a twist on the timeless Filipino dessert with lavish servings of ube, nata, leche flan, and a sprinkle of crunchy cornflakes.

Instant fave! Mango Peach Medley goes tropical with juicy slices of tangy peach and tart mango for a true taste explosion.

Choco Sensation features yummy brownies chunks with sweet mini marshmallows and a generous helping of hot fudge sauce. 

Tokyo Tokyo’s Snow Ice will be available in the following stores by March 2014: Net Lima Fort, Greenhills, Ali Mall, SM North EDSA Annex, Robinsons Metro East, SM Manila, SM Dasmarinas, SM Southmall, Trinoma, People Support Center, SM Megamall, Festival Mall, and Market Market.

Have the best of both world with Tokyo Tokyo Fire & Ice!  Perk up your day with Cheese Tonkatsu Bento as your main meal and Snow Ice for your dessert! 

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Thank you so much Tokyo Tokyo and ARC PR for having me!  :)


RebelSweetHrt said...

I'll definitely be trying this Cheese Tonkatsu next time I visit Tokyo Tokyo. :)

ruthilicious said...

So nice to see you there!!!

I super love the Cheesy Tonkatsu! I can eat it on its own without the sauce that comes with the meal :)

leirs said...

Excited to go back to this place to try the food once again. I have so many great memories with my friends in Tokyo Tokyo..Th

michymichymoo said...

I love the new desserts! Must visit Tokyo Tokyo again soon to try those and the new katsu! :)

Janine Daquio said...

ohh!!! this is what my friend is talking about. she's a branch manager of Tokyo Tokyo.. hmmm! wonder how much is it..