Friday, April 4, 2014

Dis Is Pinas! Launch

 Whenever I have the chance to watch the telly, you can find me watching tlc or any travel shows where they also show the culture of their chosen destination. I'm always fascinated with their discoveries and learning something new about the country or places that I've never been to. If I just have the luxury of visiting each one of them, it would be great sana. Unfortunately, I can't. But, I'm grateful that I can still visit and see other exotic places thru travel programs. And to be honest, I'm more familiar with the happenings and culture abroad than here in Pinas-given that with many travel shows produced abroad. That's why  I'm glad that I'll be able to watch and know more about our beloved country with the new travel show from GMA News TV. 

Dis Is Pinas! is a tv program that showcase the rich culture and history of the Philippines. It will tell the stories that shaped our nation, and it will help us remember the important events places, and people that made the country what it is now. As the show brings its viewers to different places, it also helps them appreciate the beauty and importance of nature.

Fresh from his "Born to be Wild" fame, Kiko Rustia will travel around the country one province at a time, in his pursuit of finding the historical and cultural significance of each town or place he visits. He will treat this program as his journal(Kiko's Journal) where his thoughts and his interviewees' sentiments may be aired.

The pilot episode which will air tomorrow, Saturday, in his thirst for knowledge, Kiko's first venture is to know more about his ancestral town, Kiko will travel back to Ilocos and tell the viewers about the places that he saw, and the new discoveries he learned while backpacking. The first episode will feature the controversy of Tirad Pass, the first Ilocano migraints to the USA, and the Malacanang of the north, and the tribes of Ilocos.

So who is Kiko Rustia? Kiko Rustia is a businessman, traveller, TV host who can't get enough of the world. In his earnest quest to learn about the importance of nature and heritage sites, he will travel around the country to meet the local residents of these places and hear their stories. And in this program, Kiko will show us the value of protecting our environment, preserving our culture, and remembering our history.

And of course where is the better place to have Dis Is Pinas presscon? At KKK, my fave filipino restaurant in SM Megamall.

Exciting segments are lined up for Dis Is Pinas!
Kiko's Journal - places that made an impact on Kiko. He discovers the cultural heritage behind these places and re-learns its history from its local residents. He gets a first hand experience of rural life as he immerses with the towns people.

On the spot - Kiko shows the viewers a place that they haven't seen before, sidetracking to places that need to be preserved or be saved from urbanization.

Pinoy Throwback - things that have been forgotten. Kiko presents the people and icons of the past, making this is the ultimate time machine of the program.

Off the record - Kiko probes deep into the secrets of our history, and with the help of historians and local residents, he uncovers the real stories behind misconceptions and deceptions.

Time to learn something new and be proud of it. We have so much to offer if we only have the chance to know more. And thanks to Dis Is Pinas!, it's time to discover the new side of our country. 

Dis Is Pinas! will be every Saturday(starting tomorrow-April 5) from 11:30am-12nn on GMA NewsTV.

Congrats Dis Is Pinas and GMA NewsTV on the pilot episode. More Power!

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