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Pigeon's Happy Cycle, Happy Babies

Bringing a child to the world, all we wanted to do is to give that child only the best. The best care, the best love, best attention and provide the best baby needs. We want our babies to be secured and healthy. While I was still pregnant with Sofi, I was very particular with what baby brands to use. I researched, asked fellow mommies, read parenting magazines and books. I came across Pigeon while reading Smart Parenting magazine. I thought expensive sila since the brand looks like it. So, the 1st time I saw Pigeon at SM Department Store, I remembered checking them and found out that it's not really expensive like other brands. So I ended up buying some Pigeon stuff like feeding bottles, pacifier, bottle brush, wet ones and some essentials. 

Through the years, since I last used Pigeon, they've not only grown but also introduced a lot of products that are going to be helpful for parents and parents to be. 

I had a privilege to attend Pigeon's intimate lunch at Kumikatsu, Shangri-La Plaza. And I'm happy to share that Pigeon now reaches in helping moms in giving babies basic needs, and that is mom's breast milk!

Pigeon’s system of care products ensures every mother a Happy Cycle of looking after the baby’s health and comfort. “Babies are truly bundles of joy, and Pigeon enhances this beautiful experience through the Happy Cycle,” says Maye Yao-Co Say, Chief Operations Officer of Richwell Phils. Inc., the exclusive distributor of Pigeon in the Philippines.

Through Pigeon’s line-up of baby feeding essentials, mothers and babies can now experience what the brand calls the “Happy Cycle.” “Taking care of your baby starts when you give him one of his most basic needs: your breast milk,” begins Yao Co Say. And Pigeon, she says, makes this moment a remarkably convenient and comfortable experience through easy-to-use products that are designed to meet the “happiness quotient” of both mom and baby. 

Developed more than 50 years of research and study, Pigeon Peristaltic PLUS Technology enhances every mother and baby’s feeding experience through the PERISTALTIC PLUS NIPPLE that helps your baby avoid nipple confusion, which occurs once your baby starts to shift from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding or vice versa. 

160 ml/240 ml PPSU or Polyphenylsulfone Bottle (BPA-free. Yellow lid)
It is easy to grip and has a Peristaltic PLUS nipple, the softest and thickest nipple that helps avoid nipple confusion. It has a high degree of heat resistance and is very durable, making it safe to sterilize even through boiling, steaming, or microwaving.

160 ml/240 ml PP or Polypropylene Bottle (BPA-free. White lid)
It is easy to grip and has a Peristaltic PLUS nipple, the softest and thickest nipple that helps avoid nipple confusion. It allows for safe sterilization through boiling, steaming, or microwaving.

Expressing—the act of taking milk from your breast naturally—is the first step to the Pigeon Happy Cycle. “From the moment you breastfeed your baby, Pigeon is already there to support you and make the process more comfortable,” points out Yao Co Say. Indeed, Pigeon breast pumps and other breastfeeding accessories allow you to extract your milk securely and with ease. 

Your choice of breast pumps that will perfectly fit your needs:

Manual breast pump
The Sealing Air Cushion fits your breast perfectly by softly enveloping and gently stimulating it, allowing for comfortable and successful milk expression. Pumping can be completely adjustable to imitate baby’s suckling pattern for a faster let-down. Its One Hand System and ergonomically-designed handle makes it easy-to-use. With its independent one-way milk flow path, you never worry about backflow.

Portable breast pump
As it is weighs only 200g, you can express milk with ease anytime, anywhere. It is portable and easy to operate with just one hand. Its Unique Push Lever allows complete control over the adjustable pumping cycle to imitate baby's suckling pattern and encourage milk flow. It includes a hassle-free breast milk storage component that you can simply attach to the bottle cap after expressing before storing into refrigerator or freezer.

Silent electric breast pump
The Silent Electric Breast Pump uses a silent motor that allows you to express milk without disturbing your sleeping baby. The soft, round edges of the Advanced Sealing Air CushionTM provide an airtight seal over the entire areola, allowing for steady expression of milk with only a light suckling sensation. The Adjustable Suction Strength Dial with a five-pressure level settings and a Suction Cycle Speed Controller for regulating the speed of suction and customizing the pressure and speed, allowing you to express milk comfortably.

The Happy Cycle then continues with the proper storage of expressed milk. With Pigeon storage bags and containers, you can simply put away and store your milk so your child can still have it later on. That way, no amount of milk from you is wasted, and its nutrients and freshness are kept intact. In addition, Pigeon boasts the most complete collection of breast care accessories: breast pads, breast care gel, soft silicone nipple shield, and nipple care cream.

This storage bag is already pre-sterilized with gamma ray, and has a convenient pour spout for transferring breast milk without spilling. It includes a waterproof "write-on" tab for mothers to label the bags, plus a unique double zipper seal for extra security. For ease of use, the storage bags are self-standing and milk can also be thawed easily by storing them flat in the freezer.

Breast milk Storage Bags (BPA-free)

Breast milk Storage Bottles
These are designed for longer and safer storage, and convenient for breast milk storage in the refrigerator or freezer.Milk can be expressed directly into these bottles.

A complete set of feeding bottles and liquid cleanser is a must have.

Put these in your checklist when shopping for baby needs.

Pigeon sterilizers are also convenient, durable, and easy-to-use, syncing well with every parent’s busy and fast-paced lifestyle. 

Using Japanese technology, this product sterilizes bottles in just 6 minutes, killing harmful bacteria effectively. Safety standard-tested, durable in design, and not using chemicals, this sterilizer can accommodate 5 to 6 bottles, and shuts off automatically when done. It’s detachable from the heater for easy cleaning, and includes a large, convenient accessory tray.

Electric Steam Sterilizer

Cleansing and sterilizing, the last but equally important step in the Happy Cycle. “Because babies have yet to strengthen their immune systems, they are more prone to disease or discomfort that may be caused by germs and bacteria,” says Yao Co Say. To boost baby protection, Pigeon liquid cleanser is 100% food grade to ensure maximum safety

Liquid Cleanser 
This 100% food grade, antibacterial cleanser kills 99.99% of bacteria, but is gentle to the skin. It is safe for cleaning baby bottle nipples and other feeding accessories, as well as fruits and vegetables.

With fellow mommies at the event. 

Thank you so much Pigeon for having me. I really had a great time exchanging stories and informations with fellow mommies and people from Pigeon. I really learned a lot and brought back a lot of fond memories of being a newbie mommy back then.

For more information on Pigeon products, call 441 1717 or customer hotline 990-5437.You may also visit the website at, or the Pigeon Facebook page at

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