Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nido Fortified's Mother's Day Celebration

I just wanna share with you my Mother's Day kwento that happened a few weeks ago. I was invited to attend a pampering sesh for moms from Nido Fortified. The moment I received the invite parang na-feel ko bigla ang need of a back massage, foot massage and the works. haha! Who can say no to a pampering sesh? 

I brought Sofi with me and upon arrival, they told me that all mommies will have their pampering sesh since it's our special day, while the daddies and kids will be swift away to Uncle Cheffy for lunch and fun activities. 

Aaahhhh!!! This is what I'm talking about!!! :))) After our foot spa, we had our back massage, hand massage and foot massage. Blue Water Day Spa really knows how to pamper from head to toe! While we were having a massage we get to watch a movie title Friends with Kids. It's a funny, with a touch of reality kind of movie for married couple when you have kids, want to have kids, no time for your spouse. You should watch it! 

Anyways, after our well deserved massage, we were told that we are going somewhere and we were asked to blindfold ourselves while going to our next destination. (dito pa lang hinahanap ko na si Sofi, hehe). Sorry, I was seated at the back. I was smiling pa naman pero d pala ako kita sa pic. hahaha! :D

When we arrived at our destination, they counted up to 3 and we removed our blindfold, and all mommies were surprised when we were greeted by our family with party poppers and loud cheers of happy mother's day.  I was greeted by my princess (hubby had an overtime work the night before kaya d na sya sumama sa amin-at nag explain daw ako. LOL. if he had known daw na may surprise baka sumama pa daw sya. haha!) while she was holding a yellow rose in front of my Mommy Jen shirt. Grabe, nakakaiyak! Hahaha! Dama ko ang pagiging mommy. And Sofi smiled from ear to ear! It really melted my heart when she asked me if I am happy. She told me that she loves me very much and they practiced a lot. haha! :D

We then proceeded with our lunch at Uncle Cheffy. So yun pala ginawa nila while we were having our pampering time, the daddies and kids had a bonding sesh naman and prepared the ultimate surprise. :)

It is said that the greatest validation that mom will ever receive will always come from their loved ones especially from their kids. - And this is so true!! :))

 I feel so blessed that at her age (7 years old), Sofi knows how to appreciate my effort, and everything I do for her she'll thank me na may kasunod na "you're the best mommy ever!". And I know that a smile from Sofi reminds me how rewarding motherhood is. And I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it. :)

Check out this video and watch all the drama and tears of my fellow mommies.

I'll be forever grateful to Nido Fortified and Ogilvy for having me and Sofi.  I really felt special and honored. We really enjoyed our time together and we will always remember it. Thank you so much, Leira. :)

And to all fellow moms, here's my fave quote that I would like to share with you, "There will be so many times you feel like you've failed. But in the eyes, heart, and mind of your child You are a Super Mom!". Belated Happy Mother's Day! :)

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