Thursday, May 15, 2014

OpenSnap is now in the Philippines

Are you one of those people who loves taking photos of your food? Well, I do! My hubby always tells me na "are you done taking pictures? We're hungry!". And si Sofi din will say na: "mommy, is it ok if I touch the food na?". Can you relate? haha! I dunno why, pero feeling food photographer kasi ako. Even if I'm only armed with my cellphone camera, when I take food pictures, with different angles pa sya until I'm satisfied with the photos. From breads to peanuts, I have photos of them in my gallery. Haha! 

And now that I have an album dedicated for food in my gallery, now what? That's why I'm so excited to share with you my latest discovery that I'm sure food lovers will truly love and will have fun collecting and taking more food photos! :)

I had a pleasure to attend the OpenSnap App media launch at Edsa Shangri-La and I instantly downloaded the app in my cellphone right then and there. And read on to find out why!

OpenRice, Asia’s Premier Dining Guide has launched its brand new mobile App called OpenSnap in the Philippines. OpenSnap is a revolutionary mobile application for iOS and Android smartphone and tablet users where they can find popular restaurant spots through food photos uploaded by friends and families. It is the first and unique food photo app in the Philippines and Asia that allows users to create a personalized food albums and share their dining experience with friends and families wherever and whenever! 

Of course, more food photos! hehe! :P

Connected to the OpenRice database, OpenSnap allows users to locate over 1 million restaurants in the Philippines and in Asia, share dining experience, and identify OpenRice members, as well as Facebook friends and Celebrities. It allows Filipinos to enjoy local and  worldwide cuisine on their fingertips with the support of advanced i-cloud technology.  

OpenSnap offers a user friendly and convenient approach to creating one’s own food photo albums, photo sharing, hash tag locations, photo filtering and use of stickers in photos.  OpenSnap users can also tag their friends in their photo uploads, as well as share the information to their personal social networking platforms, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Weibo.

The  major  features of OpenSnap include:

1. Use food photos to search nearby restaurants - Users can search nearby restaurants by browsing photos uploaded by friends. It helps you to save the time to locate alternate dinning locations while lining up long queue at the designated restaurants.

2. Create and share your personalized restaurant albums - OpenSnap provides users with personalized restaurant albums and easily share their dining experience wherever and whenever! Users could check the restaurant details by clicking the food photos, with more supplementary information for a perfect dining experience.

3. Browse  over 1 Million restaurants in Asia - OpenSnap has an advanced search function to reach out dinning photos and restaurant information of  other Asian regions such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and HongKong.

4. Photos come with a wealth of information – Each food photo provides the user with restaurant address, map, contact details, reviews and comments.

And here's an easy step on how to use the OpenSnap App:

mirror + camera phone = group selfie :)

Download it Now! OpenSnap is now available in the AppStore and Google Play. Don't forget to follow me at Shopgirl Jen! You will now have more reasons to photograph your food escapade and at the same time share it to the world of your food discovery! Cool, right? :))

Thank you Open Rice and OpenSnap for the invite! I really had a great time! 


Mecheel said...

WOw!!! That's good news... Hmm I hope they will have one here in our city too. Cagayan de Oro =)

rainbowjournal said...

This is a cool app. Great way to share food photos and find places to eat. And yes, I can relate. I take loads of photos before anybody gets to eat. :P

Jerboy Lupisan said...

I'm not a big fan of foodographers (I have an article about that in my blog, actually) or those who take pictures and post them on FB for no reason. At least, with this app, I can see how people can benefit from reviews from those who post their dining experiences.

Jing 징 said...

I see myself using this soon if I have a particular craving in mind (like Pad Thai perhaps) :D