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Rediscover Natural Beauty with The Skin Specialist

I had a pleasure to attend Rediscovering Natural Beauty by The Skin Specialist held at Society Lounge, Makati City. As we all know, beauty may be skin deep but we also need to take care of our skin. And Skin Specialist is the right place to be to rediscover natural beauty.

Joey Mead as host of the event.

We all have different concept of what beauty is. And each of us possesses a unique kind of beauty. Sadly, this beauty is often spoiled by skin problems – from acne and discoloration, to signs of aging such as fine lines and volume loss which leads to sagging.

To rediscover our natural beauty, sometimes all we need is a little help from dermatologists. Unfortunately, there are those who have abused and misused some procedures to the point of producing awful and unnatural results. This has prompted many not only to fear the outcome of these treatments but also to question their safety.

Melanie Griffith, former wife of Antonio Banderas. She was beautiful before plastic surgery. Sad noh? This is one bad case of going to a wrong plastic surgeon. We've seen so many hollywood stars who were beautiful before the surgery. And you can't recognize some of them. 

Hoping to address this fear, The Skin Specialist presents latest treatments to let the patient’s natural beauty shine. The clinic was founded in 2004 by Dr. Jean Marquez, who has been practicing Clinical and Cosmetic Dermatology since 1999. She is currently a co-host of a medical program called PinoyMD and one of the most sought-after resource persons on skincare and anti-aging, appearing on television and radio shows, as well as in magazines and newspapers.

According to Dr. Jean, her advocacy began when patients started coming to her saying they did not want to have a frozen or unnatural look. “I am a strong advocate of natural beauty, meaning if patients undergo enhancements, it should be non-invasive and must have the most natural-looking results,” she explained. In short, the aesthetician’s goal should be to highlight the patient’s assets and hide the flaws, cognizant of each person’s unique features.

The Skin Specialist team is led by renowned dermatologist Dr. Jean Marquez

With this aim of rediscovering natural beauty, The Skin Specialist has launched safe and effective treatments using non-invasive techniques and state of the art technology. They offer cutting-edge advanced laser, light, tightening, and lifting treatments as well as anti-aging, vein, whitening and slimming services.

“At the core of these non-invasive treatments is the use of such injectables as dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin, which are becoming the modern alternative to going under the knife,” said Dr. Jean, who is also the former president of the Philippine Center for Dermatology and Laser Surgery and a fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society.

And now, thru The Skin Specialist, we have another way of removing those unwanted lines from our faces without plastic surgery. 

Allergan’s Juvederm Voluma® with Lidocaine, for example, is a formulation that temporarily helps restore facial volume that has diminished due to weight loss or age-related facial fat loss. Through volume restoration, the face becomes more contoured: Cheeks become fuller, cheekbones look more defined, and the jawline appears more chiseled

Juvederm Voluma®’s key ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occuring substance in the human body known for its exceptional hydrating ability. The formulation rejuvenates the face and helps reduce – if not eliminate – fine lines, mimicking the result of a facelift. 

Through dermal filler treatments, anesthesiologist Michiko got rid of fine lines and sagging skin on her face.

Dennis, a financial adviser, looked refreshed and dapper after going through the treatments at The Skin Specialist.

Carmela, a dentist, came home with more defined features after her visit to Dr. Jean.

Done properly, Juvederm Voluma(, combined with Allergan’s Botox(, produces a natural-looking shine instead of the stiff expression many have come to be afraid of. The best part? The procedure takes only about an hour, but the effects last for up to 18 to 24 months. 

Dr. Jean adds that patients can now look forward to better results because most doctors specializing in aesthetic treatments have thoroughly studied the elements balance and symmetry, resulting in well-cultivated taste for beauty. Plus, there are a lot of new and effective products that deliver natural and long lasting effects. 

She cites semi-permanent fillers like Juvederm Voluma®  as an example “It’s safe and painless and doesn’t have the scary complications of permanent fillers,” she said, adding that,  “there are also more variations of fillers that can be injected to suit different areas of the face to create natural, three-dimensional effects. Plus it’s easier to inject, so it’s more comfortable to administer, both for patients and doctors.” 

Now, The Skin Specialist is equipped with 20 machine treatments which include lasers, light, ultrasound treatments, and heat, and has 12 staff members, including nurses, therapists, and two board-certified dermatologists. 

But the clinic’s mission, ten years after its founding, remains unchanged: “At The Skin Specialist, our passion is to produce beautiful, natural-looking results using anti-aging products and treatments while adhering to the highest standards of efficacy, quality and safety,” shared Dr. Jean. 

Photo op with tall and slender, Joey Mead King

I personally tried their face skin tester. And yes, if I really have to take care of my skin! Note to self: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize and use sunblock!

Services offered at The Skin Specialist

No to looking frozen! Lol!! Let it go the laziness! 

Dr. Jean’s expertise is the secret behind the every growing clientele of  The Skin Specialist which started as a small clinic located along Timog Avenue with 3 treatment beds and 3 therapists, but was eventually moved to a  bigger space at the ground floor of ESNA Buidling, #30 Timog Ave., Quezon City. For appointments, call 374-8087 or 0917-810-1319. 

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