Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We're Home at Carmona Estates Brand Launch

Are you dreaming and aspiring to have your own house with a backyard, mini office/library, a music room, play room and a walk-in closet(it's a must have! haha!)? Who doesn't? Include pa the fresh air, non-stop supply of water, clubhouse, swimming pool, excellent security, etc. But nowadays, you have to consider the locations, financing, materials that needs to buy, and so on. Parang imposible to own a house right now. We need to save a lot of money just to have a house to call our home. But fear not! Maybe your dream house is waiting for you and within your reach!

A week ago, I was invited to attend the brand launch of Carmona Estates. Owning your dream house proves to be a challenge these days. Several factors like location, affordable financing and environment play important roles in determining whether a house can be turned into a home. Fortunately for prospective homeowners, these elements are exactly what property developer and game changer Property Company of Friends, Inc., or simply PRO-FRIENDS, strategically consider in creating residential communities in providing quality homes to Filipino families. 

To support this mission, PRO-FRIENDS’ 87 hectare development Carmona Estates recently launched its newest campaign aptly called, “We’re Home.” Held at the posh Blue Leaf Filipinas in ParaƱaque City, privileged media friends and special guests were among those who have been given a virtual walkthrough of the different offerings of Carmona Estates. 

I've been to Carmona Estates many times because I have relatives who lives there. And I simply love the fresh air, the atmosphere, friendly neighborhood, security and the peace and quiet of the surroundings. You're really home at Carmona Estates!

Carmona Estates, a noted development of PRO-FRIENDS, offers the most value for your hard-earned money. With an impressive portfolio of horizontal and vertical residential developments all over the country, PRO-FRIENDS is a trusted name in the real estate industry. This alone is assurance enough that choosing to reside within the Carmona Estates enclave is one of the wisest investments young married couples can have. 

“A house should be a place where you and your family feel most comfortable at – no pretensions, no hesitations. This is where you should be able to reveal your true self without fear of judgment. Carmona Estates, through the “We’re Home” campaign, delivers your own sanctuary, a space where you can be the way you are. Our house and lots are roomy and cozy, perfect for a growing family who seeks to be completely at home in their own house. Our units are both affordable, starting at PhP9,300/month for the Pines house model, with no lump sum or balloon payments, and spacious with well thought-out designs, something that’s rarely offered in the market today,” says Mr. Augusto G. Leonardo, Jr., PRO-FRIENDS COO/EVP/Business Unit 4 Head.  

A range of house models like townhouses and single-attached units, each smartly utilizing every available space, awaits different kinds of families. Upstart couples may opt for the Pines, a manageable 60-square-meter dwelling with three bedrooms and two baths, starting at PhP9,300 for the monthly payment. Meanwhile, bigger families may want the four-bedroom Oakwood, a spacious 104-square-meter expanse with enough room for two cars, starting at PhP18,900 a month.

Each house-and-lot is priced competitively so even a modest amount of savings can already get you started in owning your dream home. With one of the most flexible financial schemes in the market that guarantees no balloon payments, living in the well-appointed Carmona Estates gated community is within reach.

Situated at Barangay Lantic in Carmona, Cavite, Carmona Estates is a thriving community with existing happy homeowners already. Residents can also spend their time in the community’s sprawling greenery, where a playground, swimming pool are available for every homeowner’s use.

Carmona Estates is conveniently located eight minutes from the Carmona Exit of the South Luzon Expressway, and just a few minutes away from the Carmona town proper and public market. It is a flood-free community that fosters belongingness, comfort and security.  

Thank you Carmona Estates for having me! Congratulations on the brand launch!

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