Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mad For Pizza with toppings all you want

I found a really good place to all pizza lovers! Imagine, you can now enjoy your pizza created by you with toppings of your choice and you can put as many as you want!  You should visit Mad For Pizza toppings all you want!
Mad For Pizza is located at Il Terrazzo along Mother Ignacia, Quezon City. They not only serve pizza but they also have lots of offerings to satisfy your tummies and cravings! Aside from create your own pizza, they also have ready to order pizza! How cool is that?

Brewed Iced Tea

Fried Zucchini for starters! Really enjoyed eating this. So yummy and crunchy especially if it's hot!

They also serve fried calamari. Was not able to taste this though since I have allergy with squid

Buffalo Wings

Hawaiian Salad and Sea Breeze drinks ! Love that they complement's each other's taste

And so, may feeling chef began! Too bad that it is not a do-it-yourself pizza making but rather, may friendly staff na naka assign syo who will make pizza for you but you will direct him kung what ingredients you'd like to put. And with so many ingredients in front of you, d mo alam which one ang ipapalagay mo or if anong flavor gusto mong ma achieve, hehe! Overwhelming and exciting! :D 

I decided to put all kinds of meat like pepperoni, ham, bacon , beef and 3 types of cheese in my pizza with lots of onions, tomatoes, dried tomatoes and bell pepper. And when I felt unsure of the flavor sa mga pinapalagay ko(haha!), the friendly kuya staffer assured me that it will go well. And he even made suggestions to add this and that. 

Do you know that you can put ALL toppings in your pizza? And you can make it higher as you want. Not kidding!

And tadah! Nakakakilig when I saw the outcome! It smelled yummy too! 

Create your own pizza is php280 only and is good for 2-3 persons. Brought this home to my family and they loved it too! When they said that they love the flavor, I took pride of telling them I "created" them. hehe!:)

Mad For Pizza really give value to your money! And with toppings all you want, for the win sya! Visit them with your friends and family and have fun making your own pizza and trying their other dishes as well. They're good for sharing. 

Mad For Pizza is located at 2/F Il Terrazzo Building - 305 Tomas Morato Ave. corner Scout MadriƱan St. Quezon City, 1104. Open from Monday to Sunday at 11am-11pm. 

Follow them for more exciting news and updates: 
Twitter: @MadForPizza
Instagram: @MadForPizza

Thank you so much Mad For Pizza for having me! Really enjoyed the experience! :)

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