Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sofi's meet and greet with Dora and Friends

I know this is a delayed post. I still don't have internet connection since last week. I've been ranting the whole week in my twitter account. haha! :( It's not typhoon related why we still don't have connection, it has something to do with the server daw according to PLDT. But whatever it is, super hassle talaga when you don't have connection. Parang you're not updated with what's happening in the real world. hehe! 

Anyhoo, I still want to share with you some photos when Sofi and I went to Dora's Best Friends Picnic event held at SM Megamall Event Center.

When Sofi found out that we were invited to attend Dora's Picnic, she was super duper excited!

Yummy McVities for kids!

Dora and Spongebob items! 

This battery-operated  Spongebob fan is perfect for brownouts. hehe

While waiting for Dora and Friends meet and greet, our little darlings (Maia-Michelle's daughter, Keisha-Kaye's daughter) were spotted by Nickelodeon's crew and made a shout out to Dora! Instant celebrities! Haha! Now, I wonder where we could watch it! If you've seen them on TV, please let us know! :)))

And our little princesses patiently waited for Dora and Friends meet and greet! They entertained themselves with Spongebob and Dora coloring books

Yes, naghahakot ng kalat! Lol! It's so easy for these kids to find an activity, from reading to throwing confetti's, they really know how to have fun!

Of course, stage mommies ang peg. Haha! With Mommy Michelle and Mommy Kaye

And finally! Met Dora, Diego and Boots! See Sofi's smile? Priceless!!! :D

Thank you Dora and Friends, Alaska and Nickelodeon for inviting us to your picnic! Sofi enjoyed a lot! :)

Catch Dora and Friends on Nickelodeon channel!

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