Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lock & Lock introduces its newest cookware and glassware line

When it comes to storing food, you will hear someone say i-lock and lock mo na yan, hehe! We've been using lock and lock for years, and up until now their durability is already tried and tested! I must say ang sarap magcollect ng lock and lock, lol! I think we have a collection of them in every sizes and even our water jugs we use is from lock & lock.

That's why I got excited when I got an invite to attend Lock & Lock Cooking Session. That means, they're now expanding! Not only they have food storage, but they will also have cooking pans available in the market.
The Lock & Lock cooking session was held at Kabila Restaurant in Greenbelt as Chef Kalel cooked and served dishes in less than 30 minutes using lock & lock pans.

“Lock & Lock has been known as a brand the offers high-quality food containers that the Filipino family can use. Now, we introduce the CookPlus line and the Lock & Lock Glass line that offers Filipinos a safe, convenient, and healthy way to prepare and  present their food,” shared Rafael Chua, President of Lock & Lock Philippines.

I need these cooking pans in my life! 

They also came up with glass line. The Lock & Lock Glass line on the other hand is made from borosilicate glass. This makes the product durable and able to withstand varying temperatures, allowing Filipinos the convenience to easily transfer food from the freezer to the oven and straight on the dining table, without having to transfer containers

The CookPlus line is perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) free, which is a man-made chemical not naturally present in the environment. Most non-stick cookware have this chemical for better cooking quality. However, PFOA is transferred from the cookware to food, which puts people’s health at risk. Lock & Lock’s CookPlus line has found an innovative way to remove this chemical from its products while still providing its users quality cooking experience.

The CookPlus and Glass line offers a wide variety of products suited to different cooking and presentation needs. Aside from this, all the products are made of top class materials that promise durability, corrosion-resistance, constant brilliance, and long lasting non-stick coating for its cookware.

Can't wait to start collecting Lock & Lock CookPlus and Glass line! Will definitely include them in my wishlist! :)

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Kath Rivera said...

Parang ang sarap ng chocolate ba yun? Lock and lock upgraded na din pala noh?