Friday, November 28, 2014

Tokyo Tokyo Autumn Affair

Tokyo Tokyo has always been our favorite food hang-out whenever we want to have japanese fixed. And I can't believe that Tokyo Tokyo is celebrating their 29 years in the business. I was invited to celebrate with them and have an Autumn Affair at their Tokyo Tokyo BGC branch a few weeks ago. 

In 1985, it was the only quick-service Japanese restaurant that offered unlimited rice with its dishes, which grew to be some of Filipino diners’ most popular cravings. While other Japanese restaurants at the time focused on delivering more traditional experiences, Tokyo Tokyo strove to give its customers a modern, mainstream approach to Japanese cuisine.

It turned out to be the perfect recipe for success. Today, Tokyo Tokyo is an established name in Filipino dining, with more than 50 stores operating nationwide. All-time bestsellers like Prawn Tempura, Beef Misono Pork Tonkatsu and Best Chicken Teriyaki have been joined by delectable new menu items such as Cheese Tonkatsu. While the restaurant’s Bento meals are a satisfyingly filling choice for most diners, the good-for-two Sumo meals are often enjoyed by customers with the heartiest of appetites perfect with Tokyo Tokyo’s signature Red Iced Tea.

In the flurry of all the holiday activities, the meaning of the season tends to be eclipsed by the mad rush. What’s meant to be enjoyable becomes stressful, shopping ends up being a chore and get-togethers are planned haphazardly. You don’t have to get caught up in the Christmas panic, Santa Claus has elves, you can get some help too. 

Make parties convenient with Tokyo Tokyo. Your favorite name in affordable, high quality Japanese food offers the best deals for any occasion! 

There is no need to worry about what to bring to potluck gatherings or casual socials. Tokyo Tokyo accepts orders for party trays good for groups of eight to ten. You can mix and match their best sellers for a menu that’s uniquely your own. The Tokyo Tokyo Party Tray list contains the Yakisoba (P600), Yasai Itame (P700), Beef Misono (P995), Pork Tonkatsu (P995), Cheese Tonkatsu (P995), Fried Chicken Karaage (P995), Best Chicken Teriyaki (P1115), California Maki (P259 for 24 pieces), Spicy Beef Maki (P279 for 24 pieces), Gyoza (P275 for 15 pieces), and Steamed Rice (P255).

Aside from the party trays, you can also celebrate their Sumo Meals with your hubby or bffs! Double the bonding fun with Tokyo Tokyo’s Sumo2Share.  The meal meant for a pair includes two generous servings of everything you need to make any date complete. Two dishes of your choice, two servings of rice and two glasses of drinks. 

“The Sumo2Share meal is one of our signature products, it gives our diners freehand on what they want to have, we give them the freedom to customize their orders,” says Harvie Sering, Tokyo Tokyo’s Product Manager.  “And the variety to choose from is wide. We have something for them whether they feel like eating seafood, beef, pork or chicken,” she adds.

Every Sumo2Share meal can combine any two of the following Japanese favorites; Beef Misono, Pork Tonkatsu, Prawn & Vegetable Tempura and Honey Chicken Teriyaki.  Also part of the options is the Fried Chicken Karaage, now in more flavorful chunks that will keep you coming back for more. 

The hearty portions provide value-for-money satisfaction for the tummy.  At P299, the bill comes down to less than P150 per person for a complete, filling meal! 

Tokyo Tokyo ushers in the holidays with the addition of new Snow Ice flavors, Mud Pie and Mango Float!

Be merry and indulge in the irresistible Mud Pie Snow Ice which consists of a mouthwatering pile of creamy vanilla shaved ice, heaped with crushed Oreos and marshmallows, then drizzled with condensed milk and chocolate syrup, and topped with a cherry. On the other hand, the Mango Float Snow Ice is such a delight that you will be singing carols in between spoonfuls of fresh mango bits and crushed graham sprawled on a bed of creamy vanilla shaved ice, topped with condensed milk, chocolate syrup and a cherry. “Our new Snow Ice flavors are perfect for the Christmas festivities, as dessert or a snack,” says Angela Caranay, Tokyo Tokyo’s Marketing Officer.

Snow Ice is a unique item only available at Tokyo Tokyo. It is inspired by the Kakigori, a classic Japanese festival offering of shaved ice mixed with various flavored syrups. The frosty treat was introduced several months ago with three flavors, Halo-Halo, Mango Peach Medley, and Choco Sensation. Affordable and refreshing, it was a hit with the crowd!  “We hope these new additions to the Snow Ice line up keep our customers excited.  Tokyo Tokyo is dedicated to innovation and we are engaged in the continuous education of our customers about Japanese food,” adds Angela Caranay. 

This Christmas season, Tokyo Tokyo’s Mango Float and Mud Pie Snow Ice will add some sparkle to your holiday dining and a dash of joy to your celebrations. These new exciting flavors will be available in all Tokyo Tokyo stores starting this November 2014. 

Host Nicole Anderson with Tokyo Tokyo ambassador Daniel Matsunaga

Over the years, Tokyo Tokyo has proven that quality, value, and abundance stand the test of time. With a spirit of innovation driving these qualities to even greater heights. Surely, the best is yet to come to Tokyo Tokyo as the brand’s future looks brighter than the rising sun.

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