Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Highlights of my 2014

Can't believe it's 2015 already! Last 2014, we experienced a lot of trials and life challenges, also made new decisions, altered some plans, but also received so many blessings for me, my blogging, and for my family. Couldn't have it any other way. So grateful to have met new blogger and online friends. Thankful for the PR's who still support and trust my humble blog since I started and to new PR's who I met last 2014, hope to work more with all of you this 2015. To all the readers, supporters, online friends, who support all my social media accounts, thank you, thank you! You have a big place in my heart.

2014 was also the year I decided to be a lifestyle/mommy blogger. Since I started 2011, what I wanted was to blog for fashion only. But thank God for some opportunities and open doors in blogging, I was able to experience a lot of things and I'm grateful for them. I pray that this 2015, a lot of doors will be open for me and aside from posting/attending/covering events and brands, I'm planning to bring back my ootd posts (hope you'll look forward to it), and share some personal posts/experiences. Hope you'll still support me. :)

Check out some of the highlights why my 2014 was awesome..in blogging that is. :)

To my friends, church friends, my family, I appreciate all the love and support. Super grateful to have all of you in my life. To my hubby and Sofi, everyday I feel your love and it inspires me to be a better person, wife and mother.

Parang star awards ang dating sa daming pinasalamatan, haha! But seriously, 2014 was an awesome year for me despite the ups and downs, because I know everything that has happened, may purpose si God and it made me stronger and more patient, hehe! :D

So excited for 2015! I know and I believe that God is preparing great things for us this year. All He ask is to have a little faith in Him. :)

Cheers to new year!

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