Sunday, February 1, 2015

Uratex Plant Tour

Felt like a kid again when I joined the bloggers field trip at Uratex plantation in Muntinlupa. I've never been there kaya I was excited to check on how they maintained to be on the top of mattresses provider after all this years. 

Never under estimate the power of a mattress. After a hard day's work, don't you want to lie down in the softest foam and relieve all the tenses and stress? In my 9 years of marriage, I'm happy to say that we've been using Uratex foam since day 1 and up until now, gamit pa din namin sya. The life and quality of Uratex is already tested throughout the years, and Uratex now also provides not only foam but they also make plastic furniture made of monoblock (chair, table & cabinet); textile made of moquette, jacquard, ticot fabric.

The RGC Group of Companies revolutionized foam making in the country back in 1987 when they set up the very first continuous foaming machine in the country, the Vertifoam. The Vertifoam process involves computerized metering of materials to form perfectly-shaped foam with lesser scrap (less wastage) which benefitted both the market and our environment. In 2001, they surpass this feat by installing a yet a new foaming equipment called Hennecke. The German-made equipment, tagged as the Mercedes Benz of the foam-making industry, is considered the best in the world. The RGC Group then invested on another Hennecke machine, with a more latest technological improvements, to serve as back up to the 2001 version, in December of 2009.

Aren't you curious how Uratex makes quality beds to give us a good sleep at night? Yes, that big blue bar is the foam! We saw from scratch how they made this and it was pure awesomeness thanks to high-tech equipment and well-trained operators.  

And to ensure the high quality of foams and mattresses, we witnessed how meticulous they are when it comes with the cutting, sizing and texture. The highly trained operators go back and forth to perfect each foam. 

 At the Muntinlupa plant, the foam is cut in 30-meter lengths. The 30-meter long blocks are then picked up by an overhead crane and transferred to the curing area.  Foam is produced via an exothermic reaction where the center may reach up to 145-165 degrees Celsius within 20-30 minutes. It will not start to cool for another 3-4 hours but will reach room temperature within 24 hours and is “cured”.

Uratex laboratory personnel develop formulations that result to certain types of foam and also conduct tests to ensure that the formulation will meet final product specifications that customers look for. 

The RGC Group of Companies revolutionized foam making back in 1987 when they set up the first continuous foaming machine in the country called the “Vertifoam” process. This involves computerized metering of materials to form perfectly-shaped foam with lesser scrap that benefited both the market and the environment because of less wastage.

Uratex has a line of products which aims not only to give its customers a good, comfortable bed to sleep on but also a kind of bed that can help them improve their health.

The Orthocare mattress, on the other hand, is what Uratex calls the “therapeutic” mattress, mainly because it relieves back pain due to improper sleeping positions and from sleeping on imbalanced mattresses. It is a medical-grade mattress that combines a high-density polyurethane mattress and a multi-zone topper with breathable open-pored cell structure.

On the other hand, Senso Memory Foam which is constructed using high-quality visco-elastic memory foam on top of a polyurethane base, and designed to sense the body’s weight and temperature, and then gently mold to its specific shape and contours and evenly distributes pressure all over the body. It supports the whole body, easing pressure points and discomfort usually associated with incorrect sleeping positions.

The Technogel mattress and pillows, is a bit expensive it is is a high-end product because of its unique look and feel.Unlike other available foam mattresses, Technogel deforms three-dimensionally, distributing pressure evenly over the entire contact surface to help promote better blood circulation and lessen interruptions during sleep. “Gel technology” is regarded as the next generation cushioning material for mattresses and pillows, and is now here in the Philippines.We also went inside their retail store for sure they use icverify.

Better check if you're getting fake Uratex. Always, always check the warranty. 

For more information, Multiflex RNC Philippines Inc. is located at Km.23 east Service Road, South Superhighway, Bo. Cupang, Muntinlupa City. 842-6326 to 27, 8500-0784-91 or call the consumer Uratex hotline at 888-680. You can also email them at may visit their website at

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