Sunday, March 1, 2015

Colgate Optic White Dream Wedding Challenge Winner

I think all women can relate to this.. As far as milestones and special occasions go, nothing tops a wedding—especially, if it’s your own. We will always have that dream wedding that we want to achieve and become a reality. And when it came time for Precious Pasia to walk down the aisle, her goal was to live out the dream, which was made possible when she won the Colgate Optic White Dream Wedding Challenge. 

Precious Pasia, winner of the Colgate Optic White Dream Wedding challenge with the wedding dream team, Pat Dy (up) for her pre-nup shoot, and Jason Magbanua (below pic) on her wedding day.

Precious, who joined the contest as a bride-to-be shared her wedding woes online like the flower girl refusing to walk during the procession or someone spilling a drink on her wedding gown. Her candid answer evidently struck a chord with the public, allowing her to win a rare chance to have her pre-nup shot by acclaimed lensman Pat Dy and wedding documented by famed videographer, Jason Magbanua. 

“…Plan. Kahit wala pang husband,” she laughs. “Start your Pinterest board, research your suppliers, have pegs in mind so that during planning time, you won’t have a hard time.” 

Precious shares that she started booking her church and reception venue as far back as two years ago, because she just really wanted everything to be perfect. Even her wedding dress, went through a lot of back and forth with a couple of couturiers before it “felt right.”

And then there’s the part where you want it all documented for posterity, which is where the dream wedding duo of Pat Dy and Jason Magbanua comes in. Known in the country as prime picks for anyone’s pre-nup and/or wedding day, Precious makes her desire to have both acclaimed artists document her wedding no secret. 

“Having Pat Dy for my pre-nup and Jason Magbanua at my wedding was really a dream come true,” she adds. 

And for all the frenetic planning that came with making her wedding day meaningful and memorable, having Dy and Magbanua immortalize the moment meant she didn’t have to worry about not having her special day captured on film and video; after all, these are the kinds of memories that you will want to share for generations to come. Having the best people capture each moment means having less worries and more  beautiful memories to treasure forever.  

But now that she has lived through the experience of planning a wedding, here’s what Precious has to say about it: “At the end of the day, having all my family, all our families, and loved ones present became the most important thing for me on my wedding day,” she confessed. That, and making sure that she could actually enjoy her wedding and stop worrying about the little details that could potentially ruin her big day.

Leading up to the special occasion, Precious made sure that every single thing was in place—from her wedding dress to her smile. “I went into just as much effort to ensure that my dress was perfect to making sure that I had the perfect, white smile to go with it on my wedding day—a task made all the more easier with Colgate Optic White,” she shares. “After using the product for a week, I really saw a difference, my teeth became whiter. And that gave me the extra confidence I needed for the big day.”

On the groom’s side, Aljoe says that couples must always try to prepare together. “Be enthusiastic about the plans and be collaborative; expect conflict to arise but just try to think positively.”

As for the bride’s biggest wedding worry? Precious happily reports that her husband was eagerly waiting for her at the altar—and that’s definitely something to smile about. 

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