Friday, April 3, 2015

Renew your home with Renuzit Collection

I had a scentsational afternoon last week when I attended the exclusive media launch of Renew your home with Renuzit event held at Le Jardin, BGC. I'm a little bit familiar with Renuzit since someone gave us last year and been using it in our home. I've never paid attention to the brand until I got an invite to this event. And I'm glad I was able to attend and learned so much of the importance of scents in our home and workplace.

The event was hosted by celebrity personality Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez and I learned a lot by listening to interior designer, Kat Valdez and taught us how to highlight home design, decor tips and choosing the perfect scent to set the desired mood in any room or space.

Managing Director of Unisell Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Renuzit, Merrick Sua shared, "As America's No. 1 selling solid gel air freshener, Renuzit offers a wide range of scents to choose from to satisfy any scent preference, for any room for any season or occasion. The Renuzit adjustable cones product line provides continuous air freshening benefits in a convenient, easy-to-use, economical and eco-friendly format."

At the launch, the media people were grouped into 5 and we were told to decorate our given task with Renuzit. My group was assigned to decorate an office. We used dark stones and Renuzit original scent and after the rain scent.

"The Scent of Success"

Renuzit features four fragrance collections to suit any space which include Simply Refreshed (Fresh Lavender, After the Rain and Simply Vanilla scents), Super Odor Killer (Citrus Sunburst and Original scents), Fresh Picked (Raspberry scent) and Serenity (Relaxing Spa and Sapphire Waters scents). Set in a stylish, recyclable and adjustable cone-shaped packaging, Renuzit solid gel air fresheners are also biodegradable and made of 97% natural ingredients. And most importantly, they're safe for your health, environment and kids.

You can also control the release of scent simply by adjusting the height of the cone. Did you know that scents can enhance and uplift our moods? They can also trigger memories and unlock feelings.

Renuzit is a "scent specialist" brand of air fresheners with fragrance collections carefully crafted to set your desired mood and help you discover new scents to love.

Here's a simple rundown of The Renuzit Collection:

Simply Refreshed Collection (Fresh Lavender, After the Rain and Simply Vanilla scents) - Invigorate your mind and awaken your soul with a splash of energizing fragrances. These scents are the perfect pick-me-up for any room in need of a refreshing lift.

Super Odor Killer Collection (Citrus Sunburst and Original scents) - Strong odors require a serious approach to odor elimination. This collection tackles the toughest odors, neutralizing the smell and leaving any room in your home with a clean, fresh fragrance.

Fresh Picked Collection (Raspberry scent) - Prepare to transform rooms in your home into a fragrant orchard. This collection is made of the captivating scents of fruit picked fresh off a tree.

Serenity Collection (Relaxing Spa and Sapphire Waters scents) - Your home is your sanctuary, a place to calm your mind and renew your body. This collection fills your rooms with scents that let you relax, unwind and forget the world outside.

Made with high quality ingredients and packaging in the US, Renuzit is definitely more fragrant and more stylish yet affordable. And for srp of Php109.75, we can now transform and renew our home and spaces with Renuzit. They're now available in leading supermarkets and home improvement stores nationwide.

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