Thursday, May 7, 2015

Centuries-old beauty secret revealed by modern science: Fine Pearl Coix Extract Powder makes skin radiant

For hundreds of years, the Chinese and Japanese have been harnessing the nutritional benefits of coix, a type of grass that produces an edible seed. This plant is grown widely in Southeast Asia, India and China, and is used as a food source by both humans and animals.

Coix has a hard seed, which is polished to release a white grain, which has been described as pearl barley. This grain is consumed as a supplement for a number of conditions, including stiffness, edema, and urinary infections. It is even prescribed as a treatment for skin conditions, including acne, or as a tonic to promote beautiful skin, hair and nails and to improve one’s complexion.

However, this grain is hard and needs to be cooked for a long time to soften it. An easy way to incorporate coix into one’s daily diet is with Fine Pearl Coix Extract Powder. A quality product from Fine Japan Co. Ltd., a 40-year-old leading global wellness company that has brought to the Philippines potent, ready-to-drink nutraceutical products that fight aging, boost health and enhance personal beauty, it is an easy way to incorporate pearl coix into your diet. Fine Pearl Coix Extract Powder is made with nutrient-rich adlay seeds that are 10 times more potent than ordinary pearl coix powder, for a superior product that can be consumed easily and effectively.

Daily consumption of Fine Pearl Coix Extract Powder contributes to beautiful skin, as well as strengthening joints, reducing limb stiffness, and promoting good digestion. You just need to consume two to four spoons of Fine Pearl Coix Extract Powder, taken on its own or mixed with tea, coffee, or milk, to harness its full benefits.

Fine Pearl Coix is a great way to boost the effects of Premium HyC150, which is touted to be the modern “fountain of youth.” Manufactured by Fine Japan Co. Ltd., Premium HyC150 is a woman’s secret weapon to looking young, staying physically fit, and feeling good about one’s self. It helps you stay beautiful inside out, while providing strength and vitality to get you through the challenges of the day. By feeling good about one’s self, a woman’s nurturing persona is enhanced, promoting an optimism that creates a balanced, pleasant atmosphere at home or at work.

Premium HyC150 combines three youth-inducing elements for a more potent supplement drink: collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ubiquinol. These are aided by active ingredients, like vitamin C, biotin, elastin, and pearl coix. Premium HyC150 is the only beverage that combines these three powerful nutrients, effectively releasing significant benefits to the body. Based on clinical studies done in Japan, North America, and Europe, about 93 percent of users reported improved hair, nails, and skin with continued use. Although results vary per individual, it only takes one to two weeks to see the positive changes.

Women do have the advantage when it comes to winning their dreams and that of their loved ones, and HyC150 is the secret weapon that helps them reach for the stars. Coupled with Fine Pearl Coix, she receives a boost to her health and her beauty.

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