Sunday, May 24, 2015

Japan's Tempura Tendon Tenya is now in Manila

We Filipinos love food in general. We're always on the lookout of something new. And if we're craving for Japanese food, we found a new go-to place to satisfy our Japanese cravings! Japan's Tenya is now in the Philippines and they're now ready to serve authentic Japanese Tendons! Tenya's first branch is located at the 4th floor bridgeway of SM Megamall. 

At Tenya, we can now get to taste the diverse and exciting flavors of Japanese classics such as Tonkantsu, Curry and Ramen. As we embrace Japanese cuisines, I'm sure we will find new favorite dishes at Tenya.

This is a must try as your appetizer! Isobe Cheese is a cheddar cheese wrapped in roasted seaweed, tempura fried. 

They also served Japanese style Potato Salad 

Tenya also served sets to make ordering easier for you. Here are some of the sets that you can try:

Asakusa Special Tempura Teishoku includes 3 black tiger prawns, small kakiage and green beans. It also includes Japanese rice, potato salad, soup.

Soba/Udon Set served high quality soba and udon imported from Japan. Served with your choice of hot or cold udon or soba with Japanese rice, tempura sauce, radish, leeks, ginger and noodle soup.

Tenya also serves delicious tendon creations good for 1 person. This Buta Kimuchi Tendon has 3 big slices of perfectly cooked pork belly served with Japanese Kimuchi and authentic steaming hot Japanese rice.

Happy to know that Tenya opened its doors in the Philippines. Can't wait for them to open more doors in the metro so everyone will get to taste the authentic Japanese Tendon.

"Pang-alis umay" or dessert, Tenya served these yummy fruity juicy popsicles with flavors of strawberry, coconut lychee, lite citrus and orange vanilla.

To know more of Tenya's offerings, I took the liberty to take photos of their menu. For a Japanese authentic dishes I'd say they're yummy yet affordable.

Thank you so much Tenya for having me!  It made my tummy very happy! Can't wait to bring my whole family there! :)

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