Friday, May 8, 2015

Karnitas Korner’s 1st ANYversary + mouthwatering Porchetta experience

I was invited to try the new hole in the wall resto that hits the popular food tripping place at Kapitolyo, Pasig. I'm not really familiar how Porchetta is done and what it taste like, but Karnitas Korner made my experience memorable as I can still remember the crunchiness of its pork strips. Yum! 

Karnitas Korner was established to be a go-to place where people can enjoy gourmet dish and porchetta in a casual dining setup. Karnitas Korner is located at Phil-am road in Kapitolyo. 

There is yet to be a porchetta restaurant in Metro Manila and Karnitas Korner offers this (even for same day order of whole porchetta) with gourmet ciabatta sandwiches (one of it is Porchetta Sandwich) and other gourmet dishes. 
So why is it called Karnitas Korner? Carnitas means small pieces of meat. It refers to the sliced porchetta cut into small pieces and added to different dishes like Porchetta Tacos, Porchetta Carbonara and Porchetta Nachos.

To make it more Filipino and because it has a K, “carnitas”  is changed to “karnitas”, adding to the Italian and Mexican flavors of its dishes. 

Aside from their signature dishes, Karnitas Korner also offers delectable cookies to satisfy the sweet cravings or sweet tooth.

So, here's the highlight of my visit to Karnitas Korner. Haha! But seriously, it was my first time to see a Porchetta (pronounced as por’ketta) and it is a savory, fatty, and moist boneless roast pork. 
Rooting from Italian culinary tradition where the pork loin is arranged carefully with layers of stuffing- meat, fat, crispy skin and garlic, rosemary, fennel, or other herbs, it is then rolled and roasted, traditionally over wood.

As I've mentioned, while the kuya was preparing the Porchetta sandwich, we can hear the crunchiness of its pork strips while slicing the balat or pork skin. The mouthwatering experience is one for the books! :D

And ta-dah! Karnitas Korner Porchetta Sandwich is a must try!

They also served us Poutine aka fries. It's a fries with homemade cheese sauce, gravy, jalapenos and sweet longganisa.

Porchetta Nachos is good for sharing. It has tex-mex cheese sauce with porchetta bit, mango salsa and sliced jalapenos.

Porchetta Tacos is made of porchetta, herb-roasted corn slaw, crispy pork rinds, sweet chili sauce with chipotle sour cream on the side.

Porchetta Sandwich

Another winner is their Porchetta served with rice. It is made of succulent pork loin oven roasted to perfection with soft boiled egg and roasted corn slaw.

Felt like a kid when they served us this dessert. The freshly made cookie du jour was an icing on a cake to end my Karnitas Korner food tripping. 

The people behind Karnitas Korner believe that ANY day and ANY thing is worth celebrating. It may be graduation, promotion, getting over an ex, seeing your barkada after a tiring week, finding 100 pesos in a newly washed jeans or even a moved deadline.

ANYthing in ANYday that makes one happy is a celebration- and why not celebrate it with a porchetta, right? Right!

This is the very idea for Karnitas Korner’s 1st ANYversary for their Grand Opening, as they invite everyone to celebrate everyday victories, simple miracles or little joys.

Want to experience a Karnitas Korner foodtrip? Join now and you might win! The #ANYversary Promo began in February 2015 before Karnitas Korner opened its doors last March 12.
Take a photo of your #ANYversary and upload on your Facebook or Instagram accounts
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Promo is extended up to June 30, 2015.

Thank you Karnitas Korner for having me and congratulations on the opening!

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