Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#Momazing Moments with Scott's

Sofi and I spent a pre-Mother's Day at Scott's #Momazing event! I've been reading and hearing about Scott's Vitamins C Pastilles and wanted Sofi to try it out. With the summer heat and occasional rains, I want Sofi to be armed with lots and lots of vitamins c and a boost in her immune system.

The event was held at SM Activity Center, SM Megamall with lots of fun activities for kids like face painting, balloon making and photo ops while mommies learned and heard inspiring stories from other moms.

Scott's recently launched the #Momazing Campaign which highlights special moments between parents and their children. It aimed to capture wonderful moments and share the experiences online and inspire more moms to be #Momazing. It was hosted by Daphne Osena-Paez, an entrepreneur, UNICEF advocate and monther of therr, and another remarkable mom, Dimples Romana, an award-nominated actress and a mother of two.

One of my favorite activities we did was making the  #Momazing Moments video. Sofi and I were separated into two booths and someone interviewed us ala The Buzz, hehe! I was asked what is my memorable experience as a mom, my highlights and message to Sofi. On the other hand, Sofi also answered questions like how I am as a mom, what she is most thankful for having a mom like me. She answered that she's thankful that I rock and that I cook meals for her everyday. hehe! I feel so legit, lol! Honestly, I got teary eyed on the interview. Ang saya i-remember lahat ng sacrifices and memorable moments mo with your family. We tend to forget little things especially pag busy tayo in our daily routine. Glad that the #Momazing Moments video made me realized that I need to tap myself for a job well done as a mom in raising my Sofi. :)

Three guest moms were invited to talk about their #Momazing Moments. Fleur Sombrero, Michelle Lim and Michelle Ressa Aventajado shared valuable insight on motherhood.

Scott's has always been about ensuring children the strongest possible foundations to grop up healthy and strong. By helping boost growth, immunity and development, Scott's creates the perfect springboard for all those amazing leaps.

Scott's has been nurturing family health for over 100 years, leveraging the power of science to help boost children's growth and development. Scott's helps to ensure that children have the strongest possible foundations to grow up healthy and strong. Scott's Emulsion contains Calcium that contributes to bone development and Vitamins A & D, which may help support the immune system. A spoonful of Scott's Emulsion every day helps boost children's growth, development and immunity. 

For more information on #Momazing Moments, Scott's or GSK, visit www.facebook.com/ScottsPH and www.gsk.com.

Thank you Scott's for having me and Sofi. We had a #Momazing time! :)

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