Thursday, June 4, 2015

Andi Manzano shares baby’s firsts with Pampers FirstBook

Every day marks new adventures, new experiences and new milestones for babies, and as much as possible, moms would like to record and preserve every moment in a special way.  This is especially true for celebrity mom and Pampers brand ambassador Andi Manzano. 

“Having an online scrapbook of baby’s precious milestones can really make a difference in every mom’s life,” Andi shared. “It is like Facebook meant for our babies!”

To help moms easily cherish and treasure baby’s many firsts in life, the world’s no.1 diaper brand recently introduced a fun and exciting online app FirstBook. The app allows moms to share photos and videos of baby’s first achievements in just a snap!

During the launch of FirstBook, the ever beautiful Andi expressed her excitement and some worries about embracing motherhood.  “I can’t wait to see her and touch her for the first time, yet I’m also a bit nervous,” she said. “For now, I’m just really praying for a safe and easy delivery.”

The stars aligned and Andi, together with her hubby GP, welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby girl named Pilar Olivia. "There are no words that can describe that moment when they hand you your baby and you hold her for the very first time," she said in a social media post.

From the first sight of baby Pilar Olivia to her first touch to her first cry, Andi’s FirstBook posts now include her little girl’s first long nap, their first photo shoot together, her first car ride, and many more precious moments. After posting baby’s 12 first milestones in FirstBook, Andi can already publish her very own FirstMovie, a personalized video of baby Pilar Olivia’s firsts.

The launch of FirstBook also coincided with the unveiling of Pampers’ best and driest diaper in 10 years, the all-new Pampers Baby Dry. This new diaper provides up to 12 hours of superior overnight dryness, through a new core technology that features a Soft Touch-Dry Layer, which quickly absorbs wetness to keep it away from baby’s skin, and Magic Gel, which helps absorb and lock in up to 7 wettings, from night until morning.

With the innovations of the Pampers Baby Dry, it is now easier for mommies to ensure their precious ones a night of complete sleep – a process that helps babies greet the next day with happier hearts, healthier bodies, stronger minds and many firsts in life.

“With these newest surprises from Pampers – Firstbook and Pampers Baby Dry – we can greet each morning with smiles on our faces and gladly celebrate our journey of firsts with our precious ones,” shared Andi.

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