Thursday, June 4, 2015

Johnson's #PlayForReal - A Gadget-free Playdate

With the technology nowadays, it is not surprising to see a child as early as 1 year old holding a tab or cellphone to watch and play. If you go to the mall or any restaurants, you will find kids playing with their parents tab or watching cartoons so parents can eat peacefully and quietly. I sometimes ask Sofi to play with her tab or let her watch (with our supervision, of course) so I can finish my house chores while her daddy is at work (and so she can stop disturbing me for awhile).

And by this, gadgets have turned into toys. Though it holds true that gadget play can teach children in many ways, it is through active sensory play when all their five senses are awakened to discover and learn the world around them.

I know it's easier to give in and just let our kids play with our gadgets. Some kids can even cry their hearts out when we tell them to stop and take away their "favorite toy". I've witnessed some parents give in to stress of kids tantrums. While some parents don't let their kids play outside because of worry like getting dirty, hurting themselves, being bullied by other kids (?), etc., we didn't think that by playing gadgets, aside from the bad effects it can bring to their eyes, they become lazy too. We're not teaching them to be independent. We are guilty of letting our kids be trap in the digital age. 

That's why I'm happy to share with you that I fully support Johnson's latest campaign #PlayforReal. It will be an eyeopener for us parents. We can still find awesome ways to let our kids be kids and enjoy living outside the "gadget box".

Sofi and I were invited to attend the media launch of Johnson's campaign #PlayforReal held at North Greenhills Clubhouse where kids had a gadget-free play and enjoyed playing outdoor games, planted some plants and experimented with some colors and paints.

And of course, thanks to Johnson's products, playtime can go on for longer.

 Apart from fostering the bond between parent and child, it is during active play when all five senses of the child are awake, making him/her more receptive to learning the world around him/her. 

While we let our kids play outside, Johnson's gathered experts and moms to a group discussion on how important it is for kids to play for real.

According to Fiona Sandoval, a licensed clinical psychologist and play therapist, a child reaps the maximum benefits of active play when his/her senses are enhanced and maximized in these activities. 

Meanwhile, Monica Javier, a teacher who has worked with preschool children for more than ten years adds that active sensory play help children prepare for bigger things ahead. And that play can actually teach and help children expand their knowledge about themselves, allows communication with others, develop new competencies that may prepare them for challenges of the bigger environment.

We should know that by running, jumping, crawling or any form of movements can help our kids develop gross motor skills. Pretend play in these areas encourages communication among them.

One of Sofi's wishes is to be inside a bubble. I waaaant too!!!

Indeed, playtime can mean so much more. Sofi really had fun playing outside. She told me so herself. So from now on, I will let her #PlayforReal. Will be looking for ways to bring her outside to play. 

To learn more about how you can do sensory play at home or in your school, visit

Thank you for opening my eyes, Johnsons! Thank you for having us! It was an afternoon well spent. :)

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