Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Simple milestones become extraordinary with a Jollibee Kids Party

 Making their little ones feel special is important to parents. Their precious one’s victories, whether big or small, are more than enough to make them beam with pride. Being named as an honor student, celebrating the first communion, entering kindergarten, or even learning to ride the bike on their own—these occasions are made all the more meaningful when celebrated with the family at a place close to the hearts of generations of kids.  

For TV host, former Olympian and mommy of five, Christine Jacob-Sandejas, the moving up of her youngest son, Jaime, from preschool to grade school was a reason to treat the whole family to a Jollibee Kids Party.
Christine Jacob-Sandejas and her son Jaime celebrate his moving up from preschool to grade school with a Jollibee Kids Party.
“There’s always a reason to celebrate milestones; it’s like giving the kids a reward for a job well done,” Christine said. “It makes a child feel special, extraordinary. And it is truly felt when the whole family comes together to celebrate the milestone, no matter how big or small it may be.”

Instead of bringing Jaime’s classmates to the party, Christine decided to invite the kids from an orphanage in Alabang. For their family, celebrations become happier events when they share the love and joy with kids who are in need. “After all, nothing can bring more joy to the kids than Jollibee,” Christine added. 

During his graduation party, Jaime was joined by his dad, aunt, uncle, cousins, and his grandma, all of whom are big fans of Jollibee.  “We have always loved Jollibee. Eating at Jollibee is like a treat to the whole family. Everyone always goes out happy after a meal at the store,” shared Christine.

TV personality, home baker, and proud mommy Bettina Carlos also believes that a Jollibee Kids Party is a great way to celebrate children’s milestones, including her daughter Gummy’s moving up ceremony where she received a special “Princess Charming” award. 

“I’ve always been big on small things. I was never the type who plans celebrations only for big occasions. I like celebrating even the smallest of things – last day of school or good grades,” Bettina said. “I want Gummy to appreciate even the little things in life, that there is a reason to celebrate every day.”
The smile on Gummy’s face during her moving up celebration at Jollibee is something Bettina Carlos would not trade the world for. “Seeing my daughter happy, it’s priceless,” Bettina said.
Aside from celebrating her daughter’s moving up, Bettina also used the opportunity to show her gratitude to the teachers and staff of the preschool. “It really means a lot that we’re having this moving up party because she’s literally moving to the big school. We also want to celebrate the school that took care of her,” she shared. 

The hands-on mom added that her daughter has also had birthdays celebrated at Jollibee, and she considers them to be some of the most memorable moments in their life. “She always gets so excited when we throw her a Jollibee Kids Party. It’s heartwarming. Jollibee was one of the first things that got endeared to my daughter so it has a positive feedback on her.”

The two mothers expressed that celebrating milestones is not only for the big events in the life of children, even the smallest milestone is worth celebrating as well.

“Celebrating milestones is something that every child will love and it creates a stronger bond for the family. It can be done anywhere as long as the whole family comes together. “But I chose Jollibee because they make celebrating milestones easy, hassle-free, and affordable. You can never go wrong with Jollibee!“ Christine said.

“Always make it a point to make your children feel that every milestone is celebrated, no matter how small or big the celebration may be. It will show them how to give importance to the milestones in life,” Bettina emphasized.

Make every milestone, big and small, extraordinary by celebrating it with a Jollibee Kids Party. Book a Jollibee Kids Party now by visiting the Jollibee store nearest you or visit the website, www.jollibeeparty.com.

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