Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Brighten up our day the #CaliBreakfast Way

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. Because a good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day."

Yes. I'm a believer of breakfast! Sometimes we tend to skip breakfast especially if we are in a hurry to start our day. What we didn't know is that breakfast is also important to start our day right. It sets the mood and brighten up our day.

Now that CaliBurger offers breakfast in their menu, we can now look forward to visit their store as early as 7am and have a hefty breakfast. We can also expect CaliBurger to provide food that are "Always Fresh" and healthy.

The #CaliBreakfast was launched first at CaliBurger Timog last May 25. And now people from Makati will now enjoy the CaliBreakfast Way at the Century Mall. 

CaliBreakfast meal is served with hot coffee

One of the CaliBreakfast meal is their 3 pieces pancake. This is only php125. Yay to affordable breakfast! Promise, this made my tummy happy! They're delicious!

If you're a brunch person, this BLTE Croissant is perfect for you. For only Php215, it will keep you going until late afternoon.

Can you believe that this generous portion of bacon and egg sandwich is Php99 only? You read it right! It is also served with hot coffee.

I also noticed that CaliBurger Century Mall upgraded their interiors. Super nice noh? :)

Introducing at CaliBurger is their Cali Ice Cream Sandwich! For only php75, this sweet treats is perfect to end your CaliBurger meal. It is made fresh. Your choice of either Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream. Sandwiched between two delicious cookies of either chocolate chip or oatmeal raising cookies. Yum! Brings back the old fashion ice cream sandwich.

The CaliBurger Century Mall is the perfect venue for catch ups, meetings with your friends and colleagues.

Let's start a power breakfast at CaliBurger!

Brighten up your day the CaliBreakfast Way from 7am to 11am at CaliBurger 4th level of Century Mall! You can also visit their other branch in Timog Avenue (beside GMA 7), QC.

Like them on facebook and follow them on instagram and twitter @CaliBurgerPH. Don't forget to use the hashtag #CaliBreakfast to share your bite of happiness!

Thank you CaliBurger for having me! Started my day right the #CaliBreakfast Way!

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