Friday, July 31, 2015

Samsung T1 Portable SSD Launch #T1PortableSsdPH #FastSafeStylish

Question: Where do you store your files and pictures? I remember storing my pictures of my daughter since birth in a CD. After months, when we checked the CD, the files and pics were corrupted. Thank God I was able to save some of it when I stored it on picasa. But since it was so many, I was forced to delete some of the pictures and just select memorable ones. Cruel, right? Haha! How can you choose and limit your selections with just a few? How?

And now that I'm a blogger, taking pictures is part of what I do. It's hard for me to store or choose pictures to save. I keep some in USB's, online storage, external storage, memory cards, but it is always not enough. And even if you just love taking pictures when you travel, eat, spend time with your family and friends, storing these memories is hard to keep. Good thing I learned that there's an answer to our dilemmas. Samsung T1 Portable SSD is Fast, Safe and Stylish! We can now capture our moments and keep them safe.

So, what's so great about Samsung T1 Portable SSD?

- Compact size
- Pocket or hand mobility
- High speed performance
- Immediate responsiveness
- Can be used anytime, anywhere
- Up to 1TB sufficient capacity

Here are the reasons why we need Samsung T1 Portable SSD:

They're FAST. 
- It save you precious time with instant feedback and fast read/write speed of max 450mb/s
- 3 to 4x faster data transfer speed than external HDD

Check out the photos below of the performance comparison and feature highlights

They're SAFE.
- It has an advanced security & convenient set up
- Keep our data safe from unwanted access and physical damage
- It's shock resistance 
-Durable against physical impact and vibrations
- It is safe enough to carry
- It has an advanced DTG algorithm protect T1 from heat induced by heavy work like as 500gb copy
- Minimum 2x faster than HDD in extreme case

They're STYLISH.
- Slim and compact size for portability
- Sleek premium design
- Small and lightweight with premium finishing techniques

Suggested retail price is Php9,995 with a limited 3 year warranty

More details on why Samsung Portbale SSD1 is a good investment.

Fast. Safe. Stylish. That's the perfect way to describe the new innovation in storing files. Samsung Portable SSD1 is our companion in storing our files and memorable photos and videos.

To learn more about Samsung Portable SSD1, visit their website at


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