Sunday, August 2, 2015

All-in-one laundry solution for all-around moms from Samsung Appliances

Family always comes first, especially for Filipino moms. No matter how busy they are, Filipino moms ensure they provide the best for their family with their small and grand gestures of love and concern.
In fact, Filipino moms being hands-on goes as far as personally doing the laundry of family members, no matter how wearisome it may get. To help them with this concern, Samsung Digital Appliances introduced a new washing machine that offers an innovative solution made to fit Filipino moms perfectly.
The new washing machine from Samsung comes with features that suit the needs of modern moms and solve the most talked about problems in clothes-washing – labor intensive, inefficient cleaning, and damaged clothes.

For moms, pre-treating is considered a necessary starting point in the laundry process as they feel that hand and machine washing should be combined to ensure efficient cleaning. However, this step is often considered the most grueling step for many since it is usually done in a squatting position.  
Samsung Digital Appliances understand these concerns and took them into consideration as they create the newest Samsung fully automatic washing machine with ActivDualWash. 

The ActivDualWash is designed not just to make the pre-treating practice more convenient, but also to revolutionize the Filipino laundry process. To lessen the frequent squatting and bending, it features a dedicated sink, washboard, and water jet, at a convenient place for pre-treating, eliminating the need for moms to work in a squatting position. This reduces back pain as much as 43 percent*. This configuration also provides on-demand water supply, allows effortless scrubbing, and supports hassle-free laundry transfer.

In addition, the Samsung fully automatic washing machine with ActivDualWash also introduces three innovative features including Wobble technology, Magic Filter, and Magic Dispenser, that address  Filipino mom’s demand for cleaner and undamaged clothes. Creating a powerful vertical wash motion, the Wobble technology ensures gentle clean and undamaged fabric through preventing tangles and twists. The Magic Dispenser, on the other hand, dissolves detergent through a powerful vortex to guarantee no detergent residues remain on washed clothes. The Magic Filter feature effectively gathers lint and other foreign substances for lint-free clothes and clog-free drainage. These innovations work together to ensure superior fabric care like no other.

These features, included in the latest Samsung fully automatic washing machine with ActivDualWash, address the most common laundering concerns faced by Filipino moms. Aside from these innovative features, the Samsung fully automatic washing machine with ActivDualWash also offers 11 years warranty on its Digital Inverter Technology, which uses less energy, makes less noise, and creates less wear and tear.

Indeed, Samsung fully automatic washing machine with ActivDualWash is the all-in-one laundry solution of hands-on Filipino moms. Beyond cleaning and fabric care, the appliance helps Filipino moms to provide the best for themselves and their family, as lesser time and effort are needed to achieve the best cleaned clothes. Thanks to Samsung Digital Appliances, Filipino moms now have more quality time to enjoy with their loved ones. 

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