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Last year when I read some posts about Oishi Factory, I promised myself I'll go to there next one. So, imagine when I found out that it is happening again, I made sure my August 7 is free from any commitments. And I'm glad I was able to attend the Oishi Snacktacular 2015 yesterday! Yay!!! It really does live up to its promises of exciting games, fun-filled booths, and awesome activities for us to enjoy. 

Oishi has been part of our lives for decades. I remember munching their Oishi prawn crackers whenever I craved for something salty. Oishi products has also evolved to cereals for breakfast, juices like great lakes, smart-c, sundays and sun-tea to choco-chug chocolate drinks. Bread pan now comes in various flavors and they're perfect for our kid's baon. (Tip: I also use them for my salad.. As an alternative to croutons). They also have different kinds of snacks that will cater to everyone's cravings. And most of all, they now have their own version of pa-healthy chicharon. Yay for Marty's!

The Oishi Snacktacular is now happening at Trinoma Activity Center. It opened yesterday to the public and can be enjoyed until tomorrow (August 9). And for only Php20 for entrance fee, everyone will have a chance to party with Team O and join all the fun activities.

Let me give you a visual tour of what's inside the Oishi Factory. There are 6 activities inside the factory and each one is exciting as the next. The activities are all worth it. Promise.

Good thing Sofi's exams were already done so I decided to bring her with me at the event. 
1st stop: Pack and Pose with Oishi Prawn Crackers. (another tip: make sure to get a stamp whenever you're done with the activities. Complete all stamps to get a free Oishi shirt!)

2nd stop: Quench your thirst with Oishi Smart C slushies! Yum!

Our 3rd stop was the Snack Shack! Aaaah! We're all familiar with this kind of game. You grab as many as you can and put them inside the bag. The catch? You need to finish your shopping in 60 seconds. Pressure, right? Haha! Whenever I watched this game I always tell myself to eye what you want already to save time from thinking and panicking, hehe! I've always wanted to experience this and O, Wow! It was super fun!

For only Php295, you'll be given a 2ft. Oishi pack and you can have an unlimited shopping of your Oishi favorite snacks in 60 seconds.

It was a good decision to bring Sofi along, as she became my instant shopping buddy! Tip: Eye on the prize! Haha! We were already eyeing choco-chug, smart c, sundays, sun-tea, great lakes! We decided to get drinks instead of chips because we need to fit everything inside our 2ft. marty's bag.

Did someone say hoard? Haha! Here's what's inside our 2ft. bag! Shopping done in 60 seconds! Not bad, right? Yaaaaay to Oishi drinks!!!

Our 4th stop was the Snack Catcher. I think it's everyone's dream to dip in the pool full of our favorite snacks. Imagine being a human claw to get all snacks that you can get!

At first glance parang scary sya. But since I was eyeing on the prize a.k.a grab as many as I can, I used all my powers to get as many as possible! I used my hands, feet, legs, arms, neck to grab everything. Hehe! It was the highlight of my adventure yesterday! And I want to go back to do it all over again. Btw, I got 55pcs of snacks for Php120 worth of tix. The experience was exhilarating! Good job to me, hehe!

Here's my video as a Snack Catcher

Yay to 2 bags of Oishi goodies!!!

5th stop: You can also enjoy the Oishi choco chug ice cream with 2 Oishi snack toppings of your choice. You can choose from oishi pillows, wafu leche flan, gourmet picks potato chips and marty's baconette strips.

6th stop: Here's your chance to personalized your snack to your liking. You can pick out from a selection of Oishi chips to go along with different flavors such as cheese, barbecue and nori.

That's it! We really had an O'Wow time inside the Oishi Factory! Head over to Trinoma Activity Center and bring your family and friends today until tomorrow (August 9) and have a fun-filled day at the Oishi Factory!

The O Team: Slater Young, Elmo Magalona, Ramon Bautista

And oh, don't forget that the rest of the Team O will be visiting the Oishi Factory tomorrow at 4pm. Party with Alex Gonzaga as the latest member of Team O. Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo will be there too!

Thank you again Oishi for having me and Sofi. Congratulations on the success! Can't wait for Oishi Snacktacular 2016!!

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